Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best horror movies with witches

 Best horror movies with witches

Ever since the 3rd season of American Horror Story everyone is just crazy about witches. I for one find this annoying. Sorry guys, but there were bitches casting spells and taking names long before this. 

I just feel the effort has been gone lately when it comes to witches. Between American Horror Story and the 4th season of True Blood I fear people just don't understand how to tell a good old fashion story of witches these days...

(Side note - I hated Lords Of Salem but it made the list, great idea...terrible final result.)

Here's a brief list of some of my favorite movies featuring witches...




The Worst Witch

The Craft

Lords Of Salem

The Blair Witch Project

The Witches Of Eastwick

Practical Magic 

Drag Me To Hell

Warlock The Armageddon

Midnight Offerings 

Night Of Dark Shadows


Pumpkinhead Ashes To Ashes

Teen Witch

The Kiss

The Midnight Hour 

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  1. That is a great list. I would have to say that "Suspiria" is my favorite witch film. "The Witches" is close. I love that movie! Remember watching it religiously when I was a kid.