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Friday the 13th the series...again. Where's Curious Goods? Voorhees

 Friday the 13th the series...again. Where's Curious Goods?

So the news dropped today that Jason Voorhees will be next in line for the small screen with a brand new re-vamped idea for a television series. Yep, you heard right...their using the idea they knew 25 years ago wouldn't work and going ahead and doing it. 


As many may know I'm sorta a huge fan of the ORIGINAL Friday the 13th the series, which lasted three seasons between the years 1987-1990. Fans even today debate on the subject on if this show was a great or terrible idea. I for one thought it was brilliant. By 1987 the film series was onto it's 7th film. The idea were slowly drying up as the 1980's slasher era began to die a slow and very painful death. Instead of doing a weekly show about Jason walking around Camp Crystal Lake killing teens, they producers decided to stray away from the slasher storyline and just cash in on the popular title and think of a whole new idea. I for one thought this was very clever and smart on their part. I mean honestly? If the movies were getting stale, what made them think 60 or 70 episodes of Jason doing the same thing he's been doing over and over and over again would have lasting power? Instead the idea of a antique store began, with an evil man who made a deal with the devil on putting deadly curses on every single object in the store. When the man backs out of his deal the devil gets even killing him, and leaving the store to be inherited to his niece and nephew who were very distant and had no idea what they were on the verge of stumbling upon. Shortly after getting the store, the two cousins Micki and Ryan decide to sell on the business along with all the objects inside in a fire sale. Shortly after most of the store is cleared out an old partner of their uncle named Jack returns to the store to warn them about the evil the object hold within them. Here they learn the horrible truth that these objects can't be destroyed and will continue murdering anyone who owns them. In this three season run this group joins together and begins to hunt to track down every single object before it's too late.

I'm a massive fan of this show and besides a few of the effects and fashion dating itself, this show was very ahead of it's time and even inspired such television as The X-Files, and Warehouse 13. With very likable actors,  brilliant directors like David Cronenberg, cool objects, and awesome setting, and some pretty mind blowing episodes...Friday the 13th the series has gained a huge fan following, even some who are huge fans of the films as well (just like me!). I know people still have a problem with it being called Friday the 13th the series even though it doesn't have anything to do with Jason, but what they needed was a fresh idea and it worked no matter what it ended up being called. In fact, I wish it had lasted more than three seasons.


Due to such popular horror now gaining a few following with Hannibal, Bates Motel, and From Dusk Till Dawn, it would only be a matter of time that Friday the 13th would be next. 

After reading a few articles on it my feelings towards it are blah. I mean I really love Hannibal and Bates Motel because those movies can work as a TV series...Friday the 13th? Really?

I always felt the true show, the original show could have been re-vamped and told in modern times. I mean just think of the cursed objects they could do now! Instead, the idea is to use Jason and yes...Camp Crystal Lake.


The only two ways I could see this sorta work are either going the Bates Motel route. This would show Pamela Voorhees and how the legacy of Camp Blood came to be. Flashbacks could show her upbringing in the area, how she got pregnant, gave birth to Jason, and ended up loosing him. I mean even the show could center about how tough it was raising a child in a small town with special needs and how badly she struggled, maybe even with mental illness herself (had she murdered before? Maybe...) Then maybe lead up to all those accidents/murders leading up to the original film. I couldn't see this lasting long, and it would be very annoying if it was told in modern day like Bates Motel, but hey...ya never know.

The second would be to follow Freddy's Nightmare's footsteps. Every episode has to do with something happening around the Camp Crystal Lake area. Murders, accidents, ect. I mean everything doesn't need to center around Jason but show that the town has more secrets and murders that we know about.

Still after heading about the ideas they are spitting out and the fact Jordu Schell being involved (will Jason get a foot job from somebody? - Ask me about this) I just have a very, very, very bad feeling.

Oh where is Curious Goods?

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  1. Not to worry - this new show wont last. They really could reboot the original or do a continuance -- there was quite a lot of crap they sold in that first episode ;)