Sunday, March 30, 2014

Showing love for Amityville 1992: It's About Time

 Showing love for Amityville 1992: It's About Time.

Lately I've been trying to show more like for certain underrated movies that don't get the credit they deserve (Waxwork II, Ghoulies II, The Kindred, ext.) One movie I've been watching a whole lot of lately, and keep falling asleep to is the 6th installment in the Amityville Horror series, and in my eyes one of the strongest sequels in the entire series...Amityville 1992: It's About Time. 

The Amityville movies aren't really known for having great sequels, but among the endless films, there are a few that stand out and give more effort that some movies released today do. Just thing past summer after watching The Conjuring,  I decided to go back and review a few of my favorite sequels from the Amityville series. It's About time being one of them.

Tony Randel (director of the amazing Hellbound: Hellraiser II) did something few directors do for a 6th installment in a low budget horror series. He breathed new life into the series, and actually did a pretty stella job on as a movie alone. This movie is cheesy, and full of flaws, but it lands in my top 20 favorite horror movies of all time. It was the second movie in the series to use a cursed object from the original house to remove the audience and bring the terror to a whole new setting. With great effects from KNB, a very likable cast, a clever storyline, a great setting, and a very clever ending. I wish Scream Factory would do another kick ass boxset for this series but maybe release It's About Time, and The Next Generation on SE blu-ray. What I would do to find what Damon Martin (Rusty) has been up to. As a huge Ghoulies II fan my dream would be to listen to a commentary with him and Megan Ward. 

First here's my favorite scene in the entire movie. The sound is way off but it's the scene where the dad's ex girlfriend asks the two teenage children where the phone book is. Rusty, the son says he'll get it and gets up telling a story about a dog eating a dead body. What's flawless about this scene is that the first half with Rusty walking and talking is all done in one uncut tracking shot. 

Just lately I bought the laserdisc to this movie along with the stunning poster. My goal is to find it on tape, and maybe even hunt down some lobby cards. If anyone has any info on merch with this movie let me know! In fact, Megan Ward is going to be at Chiller this April. As much as I would love to visit her I know it sadly isn't in the cards. If anyone goes please ask her about this movie!

As much as I love The Next Generation (I feel this was the last honestly good sequel in the series before the dreadful Dollhouse) I wish they could have continued more with this movie. Maybe Rusty and Iris teaming up again to solve Amityville mystery. Like I said I would love to see a SE edition of this movie with a cast commentary, and deleted scenes. I'm lucky enough to own this movie on DVD which is sadly out of print and goes for a pretty good price on ebay. 

My goal is to meet as many cast and crew members to have my laserdisc signed. Let's make that a new goal!

So why do I love this movie? Is it was death of stork? Or the incest? Maybe the stunning house, and that clock? (Which I would kill to know why owns it?) I guess it's because this is one of those rare sequels that give the original movies a run for it's money. Guess I'll have to think of a drinking game for this soon.


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