Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ghoulies II drinking game.

 Ghoulies II drinking game.

I ever so often go on kicks where I re-watch the same movie over and over and over again. For the last two months it's been Ghoulies II. Now what's a better way to watch a movie than throwing back a few beers? (Sometimes it even makes the movie better) So here's a fun little drinking game next time you watch the 1988 classic...Ghoulies II.

Take a drink when...
Whenever you see a Ghoulie on screen.
Uncle Ned is seen drinking.
Sir. Nigel quotes Shakespeare 
Somebody says "Satan's Den." 
Over dramatic music is played.
Every time the name Muffy is said. 
Carnival music is heard. 
W.A.S.P is heard playing. 
Someone says fool

Take a shot when...
Somebody is drinking coffee
Somebody is killed/attacked by a ghoulie. 
The giant ghoulie eats a little ghoulie. 
A ghoulie is seen flying.
Somebody says the word demon/demons. 
Someone mentions their tunes.

Waterfall when...
Sir. Nigel and Larry dance down the stairs.
Hardin is killed. 

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