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Freddy's Nightmare's - Do Dreams Bleed?

 Freddy's Nightmares - Do Dreams Bleed?

PLOT - Sometime between A Nightmare On Elm Street The Dream Child, and Freddy's Dead, a series of strange events plauged the small town of Springwood. This is one of them. A young football star with a bright future ahead of him begins to truly feel the pressure from everyone around him after he discovers the bloddy aftermath of a serial killer called "The Springwood Chopper." an unknown psychopath who has killed several people. Since finding his latest victim, the young teen begins having strange nightmares of the killer coming to get him. It isn't long before the question is asked...who exactly is doing these killings?

LOWDOWN - This past month I've been on a huge Ghoulies kick. Yep, that's right those movies with the little green monsters coming out of the toilet. As we all know I'm a massive Gremlins and Critters fan, but just lately my love for these little green pieces of shits have grown. My favorite film in the four part series has to go to Ghoulies II. I get on kicks sometimes in which I re-watch the same movie over and over and over again. Ghoulies II is one of them. So as I've been re-watching this movie again and again, I began to wonder why hadn't any SE editions to these movies get made? They seem pretty popular in the horror world, and besides a double bill DVD, and part III being released on that awesome 8-horror movie pack, there really doesn't seem to be much floating around. I mean come on now, New Moon released them. This company is ALWAYS looking for a new way to suck the change from our pockets, so why not give it them the proper treatment? I can only dream of the day that New Moon decides to release all 4 movies on a blu-ray box set with tons of extras. So I began to wonder...where the hell is everyone from my favorite installment? I began searching. So far I found several cast members on the Internet...

Phil Fondacaro

Kerry Remsen

And Damon Martin

All in all I would have to say the three leads have aged well twenty-six years after Ghoulies II was released. Mostly Mr. Martin. In fact, Damon stars in my favorite Amityville sequel It's About Time. The 6th installment in the series, It's About Time not only is one of my favorite sequels, but one of my favorite horror movies. Huge re-watch factor, and sadly this was Damon's last acting credit before he became a producer. I always find these actors who had a brief stint in acting in the 80's before working on the other side of the camera. In fact one of my biggest interests in John Stockwell, the guy who played Dennis in Christine. I collect vintage posters from all the B movies he appeared in for a few years in the 80's before becoming a director. I always found Damon easy on the eyes, and starring in two really great horror movies, so I decided to look up his brief career as an actor in the later part of the 1980's.

Did you know Damon played Chip in Pee Wee's Big Adventure?
"Looks like a pen!"

Damon appeared in several television shows including an episode of 21 Jump Street where he played a male hustler who gets attacked. A favorite pass time for me is re-watching old episodes of 21 Jump Street and I honestly couldn't believe how depressing this episode was. Damon is only in the opening, but the ending of this story packs a punch when you find out what happens to him.

Damon then of course appeared in Ghoulies II, and later on Kid with C. Thomas Howell, and Amityville 1992: It's About Time before stopping his acting career.

Why he did this is beyond me, the guy was cute and very likable and from that photo of him in 2008 he aged pretty well. Damon joined the band Naked in the late 90's, and now is a film and music producer. In fact he was one of the men behind the Night Of The Demons remake. In 1989 tho he appeared in one of my favorite episodes of Freddy's Nightmares.

Do Dreams Bleed?

From 1988 to 1990 A Nightmare On Elm Street decided to cash in on horror coming to the small screen after Friday the 13th the series aired to positive reviews. I find this funny, it seems as though the second wave of horror meeting television is coming back with Hannibal, Bates Motel, and now From Dusk Till Dawn. Back in the 80's this was just a way to keep the money train going. While Friday the 13th the series had NOTHING to do with Jason or Camp Crystal Lake, Freddy's Nightmares followed stories taking place in Springwood, mostly centered around dreams with Freddy as our host. I would like to believe these were all the murders and events that happened between part 5 and Freddy's Dead. With a much smaller budget, and huge cheese factor, Freddy's Nightmares didn't pack the punch that Friday the 13th the series had. With only a few decent episodes, Do Dream Bleed tells the story of John, a popular football star that goes to Springwood High. John has a lot going for him, until he finds the latest victim of the Springwood Chopper, a serial killer that has been butchering young men and women around town. Haunted by strange dreams, John begins to feel the pressure when his grades start to slip and he starts getting pressure from both his parents, couch, and girlfriend.

Night after night John is haunted by strange dreams of the chopper, and he begins to fear his girlfriend may be next. While his parents are away on vacation, John asks his girlfriend to stay with him fearing his dreams may be trying to tell him something. Admitting these fears to his coach, a series of events end with his girlfriend being attacked by a dark figure one night only to discover it's John with an axe in his hands. With his coach coming to his rescue, he tells the police he followed John after hearing about his dreams, fearing that John might have been admitting to being the Springwood Chopper. With John shipped away to a nut house, his girlfriend begins suffering the same dreams her boyfriend did. Is the nightmare finally over now that John is locked away? Or is the nightmare just beginning?

Like most episodes, this was split into two halfs. The first focused on John, the second on his girlfriend. Most episodes played out like this, they centered around two characters who are liked. I was able to watch this via bootleg so the overall look was pretty bad. I can't wait till these babies get re-released on DVD! With lots of creepy moments (love whenever John wakes up at the same time every night.) and a great twist at the end, Do Dreams Bleed is one of the better episodes of the three season run.

Does it have flaws? Yes.

The budget is beyond low, the acting is pretty lame, and the twist is a little odd. I mean you an see it coming a mile away, and how the girlfriend didn't know the real truth is beyond me. I mean maybe if she was blind this would have worked but honestly? Eh...

Do Dreams Bleed is classic elm street fun. A great episode for Freddy Fans alike!

4 stars!

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  1. I like Damon a lot too!!! wish he did more acting very cute, very talented, which brings me to his band " naked" .... I love the music. with his two number ones from his cd,: Mann's Chinese and raining on the sky, I will have to say Damon captured my heart when I saw his movie Amittyville : it's about time, I was 13 I knew he was older but didn't care I would love love love to meet him just to shake his hand give a hug and tell him thank you for making that great album. and I have to agree with you that he's cute and easy to look at. thank you for your web article :-)