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Best commentaries of all time.I

Best commentaries of all time.

I'm sure I'm not the only film nerd that just loves amazing extras on new DVD and blu-ray releases. One of my favorite extras that I often look for is an commentary with the cast and crew. I feel having a truly great commentary is rare. Sometimes it's over crowded with too many people and you get lost listening, unable to keep tract of what's going on with so many people (Detroit Rock City) or you legit are listening to somebody explain exactly what your watching (The Exorcist.) I look for a commentary that gives insight to the movie your watching, and has a good group of people laughing, catching up, and having a good time. I honestly only listen to these if I really truly love the movie and the people behind it. Here are my choices for the best commentaries I've listened to so far...

I'm yet to listen to all of the commentaries on all the new stunning Scream Factory blu-ray releases that have been coming out one after another for the last few years. I can't even keep up! Having just listened to the Night Of The Demons commentary (which I loved) I decided to re-buy the new release of Witchboard, director Kevin Tenney's freshmen effort before Night Of The Demons. This commentary had me dying. Love that they got James W. Quinn to join in. Not only does Kathleen Wilhoite ask some really good questions, the guys pretty much crack up the entire time. Love Stephen dying over how much he hated that he had hand doubles whenever the board was used, or how hard Quinn laughs when he hears the name of Wilhoite's podcast name Suck The Joy.

Dawn of The Dead (1978)
The cast commentary with this is the best. I love Scott's story of how him and Ken used to car pool and how late and relaxed Ken always was. Or how Gaylen sees a biker she thinks is hot and how disturbed Ken gets. I've only had the pleasure of meeting Ken, but it seems like this cast no matter how much time has passed can't get enough of each other and still seem just as close as they were in 1978.

Cabin Fever 
Say what you may about Eli Roth, but I love the guy. Long before his ego started getting the best of him, he made a great movie called Cabin Fever. His standalone commentary is pretty fun since he tells the story of how he grew up a huge horror fan and later on the steps he took to become a director. Love his story behind being a stand-in for Meet Joe Black. The best commentary (I believe you can choose 3 or 4!) is the guys one. I was dying at the stories they told, and of course the classic line of "Jake...make me your bitch!" 

This was a pretty cool commentary and much better than the one for the sequel if you ask me. The best was when Dick Miller mid-way thru the film asks what Howie Mandel was doing there. I loved hearing Cates for once, even tho she was very soft spoken, and how they kept ragging on Galligan for not keeping his mouth shut in the movie. The only problem I did have was how Joe pretty much is very rude to Galligan for telling stories about filming certian scenes, saying that it isn't interesting. It gets very awkward and nobody speaks for a while before Howie starts talking again. Um sorry Joe but I think Galligan is a great story teller...what did you want us to listen to you guys breathing?

My all time favorite commentary. This was one I would listen to over and over again in high school and die laughing. In fact, I may even say this is my favorite commentary of all time. Richman and Russler had me dying the entire time. In fact when I met Russler I expressed how much I loved listening to this. Call it crude but all the fart noises, inside jokes, and pointing out how high everyone was had me dying. Love how disturbed the producer gets during the sex scene, or Russler screaming "I love meeeee!" and the cast getting pissed at Tony Hawk for bashing the film. A must to listen to whenever your feeling blue.

Night Of The Creeps
Another great commentary with a great cast. I love heating insight from the directors, but for the most part my favorite thing to listen to is hearing the cast. I loved The Monster Squad commentary but this one was a dream come true. I'm yet to meet anyone from this movie besides Atkins and Dekker but it just goes to show how likable these leads are. Sorta feel bad that Atkins didn't talk much, but he was a good sport and hearing Lively was amazing, guy sounds like such a good time. Love how they burst out laughing when J.C is running with his crutches

Sleepaway Camp
This commentary holds a special place in my heart since Sleepaway Camp was my first DVD ever. I loved the commentary on this. I've met to meet Mrs. Rose but she seems like a blast. Loved all the little stories, and how hard they were laughing over the movie and quoting it. I also liked how the director didn't reveal every effect, and how much fun it seemed when they filmed this. The best was Mrs. Rose quoting the director "Oh God the pain..." or how the director goes on and on about how the crew kept building everything.

Evil Dead II
I think everyone knows how I feel about Sam Raimi. Every commentary I've listened to him in is great. The best are all the Evil Dead movies. My favorite tho has to be Evil dead II. Back at school my friend Tanner told me this was one of the best and funniest commentaries of all time. Finally I got the SE blu-ray and died during the entire thing. That's what I love about this trilogy, they have so many commentaries. The best of course are between Bruce and Sam. But Dead By Dawn has to be the best. Loved them laughing at Linda's body dancing away or the extra trying to open the plane door.

The Goonies (at least the last half)

Eh, I loved how they got EVERYONE from the main group to be in this but it did seem a little over crowded, everyone was talking over each other and poor sweet Sean Austin tried so hard to tell a story only to keep getting cut off. In fact the poor guy had to leave to go shoot something so he never got to tell the rest. Corey Feldman is annoying as always, hated him lying about seeing the ship before anyone, but mid way thru things settle down and it really did become a blast. I love listening to stories behind this movie since it was a huge part of my childhood. Martha Plimpton was the best, love how she pointed out how she was falling asleep in one of the scenes and how in the poster of them all hanging from the cave how you can barley see her.

Anything with John Carpenter and Kurt Russell
People should take note on how to do a commentary right by listening to these guys. I went on a huge kick listening to the Escape From New York, The Thing, and Big Trouble In Little China commentaries. The best is the Big Trouble In Little China one. You can tell Carpenter and Russell are just catching up, cracking open beers and laughing together. Love how they start talking about their kids and hockey mid way through, truly awesome. Makes you like these guys even more.

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