Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rotten Rentals - Waxwork on VHS - Whattttttttt!!!

 Rotten Rentals - Waxwork on VHS - Whattttttttt!!!

Just yesterday I discovered, thanks to Facebook and Ihorror that there is a wonderful new way to relive the glory days of old school mom & pop video stores when you could rent VHS tapes. Speaking for many I'm sure I'm not the only one saying if it wasn't for renting VHS tapes, mostly in the horro section, a lot of our lifes would have turned out much different!

Rotten Rentals is making custom VHS tapes based off some currant movies such as You're Next, and old school classics like Waxwork! Instead of a tape inside the case it's filled with little goodies only a true horror lover would enjoy. I'm sure this weekend I'll be ordering the Waxwork tape which I think will be my 10th copy of this film. Muhahahahahah!

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