Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best stocking stuffer ideas e-v-e-r

 Best stocking stuffer ideas e-v-e-r

 1) Adrienne King Camp Crystal Lake Wine
 Wanna get crazy crunk from Alice, the chick who chopped Jason's mother's head off? Then head on over to the ever so lonely Adrienne King's site to choose from 3 different flavors of yummy flavors of Camp Crystal Lake wine. For only 25$ a pop it's a pretty good steal, you can also get these little babies signed by King as well.

2) London 1888 Jason 8-Bit T-shirt
 My good friend Chris of London 1888 released these crazy cool T-shirts based off the popular 8-Bit Jason madness that hit this year ever since the NECA figure was released. Chris is a very talented artist and along with his killer shirts there's also some great prints as well!

3) Homemade Horror figures
Homemade Horror is a company I respect 100% The work that comes from this one man company is insane. In fact I've even gone to him for advice on molding figures in the past. Between his awesome Ghoulie figure Full Moon "released" or his Killer Klowns For Outer Space Christmas ornaments, it's safe to say we can only look forward to what other awesome figures and magnets he has in store for us!

4) VHSPS discs
I love this company, like truly I really do. Allowing many of us to enjoy so many titles from our past that are long since out of print, VHSPS is one of the friendlist, coolest sites to deal with. It also doesn't hurt that these people snagged a photo of Zach and Deb from Waxwork saying hi to me at a show I couldn't make!

5) Custom jewery from Pink Pandemonium 
My good friend Lesley runs a small little Etsy shop which is truly awesome. She does it all, mostly custom horror jewery. In the past she's made me Sam Raimi, Best In Show, Waxwork, and Friday the 13th the series earrings. She's also made me a Tales From The Crypt ring, and three really awesome tote bags. You got the image, she can make it into something awesome!

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