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How the story of Silent Night Deadly Night III could have continued...

 How the story of Silent Night Deadly Night III could have continued...

So this week I've been slowly trying to get into the holiday mood with posting winter/Christmas themed posts. I started slowly tackling the Silent Night Deadly Night series starting with a drinking game based off the first movie, then my thoughts on how I would have changed the God awful sequel. Today I decided to write about how had I been in charge, or let alone old enough at the time (wishful thinking) I would have continued the storyline that left off with part III that believe it or not I very much enjoy. In fact I sorta see it more as a true direct sequel than part II (yep, I'm talking about the movie where the killer has a giant dome on his head showing his brain). I hate to admit I'm not a huge fan of part 4. In fact I didn't even watch the whole movie simply because it was really wasn't my taste. Still, I did like how they strayed away from things with part 5 The Toymaker.

So here it is, how I would have changed part 4 with continuing the story from part III.

1) Bring Laura back.
 Samantha Scully I believe did a great job as Laura in the third entry of the Silent Night Deadly Night films. Now if this had taken place in the perfect universe Stacy lives in, part II would have followed exactly as she wished it would have. To read about my dream thoughts on how they should have made part II see here...
With that being said, I would still end part II with Ricky being shot and very badly wounded, having slipped into a coma. I would axe the glass dome around his brain, but have the same thing happen with Laura being the one who's helping the hospital out in entering his thoughts/dreams and waking him up. Weak, and somewhat scared, Ricky begins feeling the same impulse rage enter him, leaving him to barley escape the hospital and going on a rampage. Scared and angry, he's now got a psychic link with Laura, needing her he steals a car and begins trying to find her. Maybe even try to make it a little more realistic and have him find her file at the hospital so he knows where the grandmother's house is. I would have part III follow Laura, her brother, and girlfriend travel to the grandmother's, but also show how Ricky breaks down and starts killing people who pick him up hitchhiking. I would keep as well that red is setting off his rage and how he needs to find Laura.I would pretty much keep everything the same, but cut off that silly shot of Ricky in the tux wishing everyone a happy new year. Seriously?

With the forth movie, I would have it take place the same night that part III left off, maybe the ending. I would have Ricky die in the ambulance ride back to the hospital, and have Laura taken to the same one. Still stunned over the deaths of her grandmother and brother she insists on being taken to Ricky's body. There she begins to weep, telling the police it really wasn't his fault.

Several years later Laura is living on her own, and quite well despite her handicap. She's a writer now, and is planning on releasing a book based off the brothers Billy and Ricky and what exactly went wrong with them causing them to kill. It's almost the holidays and Laura is having strange memories of that night that everyone was killed.

2)Bring in a new killer
We all remember Cindy from part 1, the younger sister to Linnea Quigley who very luckily escapes with her life, along with a box cutter Billy gave to her for not being naughty. This was a moment that always chilled me from the original, and I think it would make perfect sense to bring this character back who would have been full grown by then. I would have the Laura charatcer trying to do research for her book and tracks down Cindy who's suffered some troubles since the murders all those years ago and after a full blown mental breakdown along with a bad drug habit, she's been spending her time at a local hospital for people trying to recover. Laura's visit isn't welcomed. Cindy tells her that Billy and Ricky were psychos, and tells her about how she spent hours with her sister's strung up corpse before her parents finally came home. She lashes out nearly attacking Laura who hurries out. Leaving a file behind by accident, Cindy looks inside and finds articles about the murders, along with crime scene photos...she also finds one of her dead sister. Snapping, the same rage that filled Billy and Ricky enters her as she rips up the photos.

The nurses hear a crash and when they rush to her room one of the windows are broken with snow flying in.

I would have part 4 take place for two nights. The night before Christmas Eve, and Christmas Eve itself. I would have the hospital contact the police with the fact Cindy has escaped. Cindy's history since her sister's murder hasn't been the greatest and she had been really doing much better the last few years in recovery. They believe Laura's visit set her off. Contacting Laura, she tells them that Cindy was just angry with her and that she did nothing to upset her. The police try everything to locate her but with a snow storm on the verge of happening they feel it's hopeless. 

Cindy now on the loose begins a rampage, posing as a scared and cold young woman she's able to get picked up while hitching a ride. The man driving has a Santa suit in the back seat and says he's on his way to a party. Cindy grabs the wheel and the two crash, causing Cindy to steal the red jacket. On her way she grabs an axe and begins picking her way straight to Laura who's card along with her address was in the file. With a new twist of a female killer, Cindy keeps using the fact she's a young girl she be able to pick families off and naughty teens one by one. Building a pretty impressive body count she tracks her way to Laura on Christmas Eve and breaks into her apartment. 

3) Have an epic showdown
I know my pitch for this story feels a little out there and it isn't exactly the greatest but just bare with me. I could see Cindy dressed in the red jacket, axe in hand killing at least ten or so people while trying to find Laura. Very much like the first movie, she kills based off the horrible memory of her sister being murdered. Who knows maybe she even finds a box cutter like Billy gave her! Whatever does happen, she finds her way to Laura and tries to axe down her door. Being blind, Laura seems helpless but she isn't. She's much smarter than Cindy and first tries to reason with her. She tells her that her family was taken from Ricky, and that she understands her pain. Then when Cindy can't be reasoned with she fights back, and unplugs all the lights in her apartment. The two begin fighting, rolling around when flashing lights of the police show. Just as the police kick the door open Laura throws Cindy off her balcony where she crashes down into the icy ground. I would have Christmas music begin to play as Laura stands there in the cold, snow falling in her hair before it fades out to several months later. The Santa Clause Killers is the title of her bestselling book and she's at a signing for it. Being helped to the stage they go a Q&A and somebody asks about Cindy and what happened. Laura says she feels she's to blamed for whatever awaked in Cindy but the two of them were very much the same, the only difference is that she fought that terrible rage for revenge, unlike Cindy, Ricky, and Billy.

For a brief second Laura stares off into the audiance and bang Cindy is sitting there holding a box cutter smiling.

Laura snaps out of it having been spacing out. She's helped off the stage and the camera zooms in on the book.

Eh? Yeah not the best, but if the film mainy focused on Cindy killing those people while trying to find Laura, showing that her rage is based off that memory of what happened to her I feel it would follow with the theme of these poor people twisted due to whatever horrible happened to them on Christmas.

5) Of course leave way for The Toymaker and leave that exactly the same.
I'm sure lots of people are thinking...really? Re-do part II, some of part III, and all of part IV but leave part V the same? What can I say? At least this movie went away from the original storyline but in a good way, and I just love those little killer toys!

5) Keep the gore!
As much as this shitty pitch sounds more like a made for TV drama I would keep good old fashion gore in this film. The deaths should be brutal, bloody, and old school. I would play up the fact that finally we have a female killer Santa, even though she's only in the jacket, and maybe keep it going with her being "Mrs. Clause." I would have her pick off teens out in the cold looking for a party, assholes doing their last second shopping, you name it, have her do it!

So that's how I would change Silent Night Deadly Night 4...but this time call it Silent Night Deadly Night IV The Revenge!



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