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Scariest movie moments for Stacy...

 Scariest movie moments for Stacy...
I'll be the first to admit. I'm the biggest wimp e-v-e-r. I'm alone in my house at night and I hear a noise? I get a knife. The doorbell rings? I lock myself in the bathroom? There's a loud thud? I scream. I see a spider or a clown? I piss my pants. I see a clown covered in spiders? I die. 

Here is my list of my top ten favorite scariest movie moments that seriously fucked with my head.

1). Stephen King's IT - Pennywise says hello. 
I remember my mother was a massive Stephen King fan. In fact I have fond memories of waiting to pick my sister up from school and her telling me all about the latest King novel she finished. A huge staple in my house was watching his miniseries. I honestly believe my sister and I were the only two little girls that age that had watched The Stand and  The Langoliers over and over and over again. One mini series of his that I honestly got zero enjoyment out of was IT. Based off the epic novel released in the early 80's, Tommy Wallace decided to make it into a three hour mini series. I still remember being down right terrified of Tim Curry as Pennywise. Whenever little Georgie goes to sail his paperboat and ends up seeing the clown in the sewer I used to FLIP. Seriously I would duck away and block my ears humming until this scene was over.

2). A Nightmare On Elm Street - Freddy in general.
A Nightmare On Elm Street is truly the main reason I began to collect and watch horror movies. Growing up, we had close family friends with children who were around me and my sister's age. They were allowed to watch the Nightmare movies and the little girl even had a Nightmare On Elm Street birthday with the claws coming out of the cake! Every time we went over there to play they were always hounding me to try and watch the first movie. I remember I would only get a few scenes in before flipping and running out to my mother. It got so bad I was completely terrified of Freddy and once ran screaming out of a haunted house because of course the first thing I saw was some asshole dressed as him. It got so bad that my mother being the cool person she was, even went out and bought me the Nightmare board game to try and get me over my fears. Some time later I had finally had enough, I wanted to watch the movie and that was it. I went over to that friend's house, said I wanted to watch it and bang...I fell in love. I still remember to this day being on the edge of my seat during the scene that Tina was killed screaming "TURN ON THE LIGHT!" Then it dawned on me...I wanted the boyfriend to turn on the light? That meant I wanted to see Tina get killed. From the moment onward my true love for horror began.

3). Friday the 13th - Jason jumps out of the lake.
I still remember like it was yesterday...back when I was seven or eight I was watching TV with my sister and father. Friday the 13th was on and we caught the last half. I still remember sitting, watching everything play out. Finally it came to the ending, the killer is dead, the girl is safe, she falls asleep drifting on the lake. The police arrive, the music is calm...then...BANG! Jason jumps up from the lake grabbing onto Alice and dragging her into the water below. Never before in my entire life did I jump as bad as I did at that scene. In fact if memory serves me right I yelled either "Fuck! or shit!" my very first swear words. Ah memories...thank you Friday the 13th.

4) Saw - The entire movie.
I'll never forget my friend taking me to see this. He claimed it was an independent film that was starting to get some serious hype as being one of the scariest movies ever made. I decided I would be the judge of that...Well for nearly two hours I have never been so on edge/nervous/and scared before in my entire life. Seriously, this was the most scared I had ever been watching a movie. Me and my friend were legit clutching onto each other screaming. For a slow burn movie this is pretty impressive and take into mind this was when it was first released. The Saw movies hadn't turned into this never ending shit show, and Jigsaw and still just a creepy clown puppet. In my eyes there should have been only one Saw movie since it ended on such a high note. The movies that followed could never capture how badly this one scared me. 

5) Wolf Creek - Truck's headlights. 
Wolf Creek was a movie that very highly impressed me when the splat pack was at it's highest. With it's gritty feel you really thought you were one of the poor souls that this manic caught. One of the scariest moments I remember from first seeing this movie was when the three campers are broken down in their car and are simply sleeping inside of it until morning. They were talking earlier about UFO's and out of nowhere two lights in the distance start coming towards them. Scared out of their minds they wonder if they would run or stay in the car before it finally turns out to be a truck. Sadly the driver is the psycho manic that latter kidnaps them. I still clearly remember screaming at such a simple scene as two lights coming towards a car in the middle of the night. Can't help but say if that was me I would have ran the fuck out of there.

6). The Exorcist III - Hallway scene
People seriously don't understand what a truly awesome movie The Exorcist III is. After the mess of the first sequel, many people overlook this highly underrated classic that was written by the same author as the original iconic film. Another slow burn, but smartly written thriller, The Exorcist III doesn't reply on the over the top gore the first movie had. Instead more of it is simply implied for the audience member to think of how truly brutal the murders are. The worst of these has to be the beautiful static shot of the nurse with the red sweater all alone doing her bed checks in the empty hospital ward. The film seems to go on for a lifetime before one of the biggest pop out scenes of all time happens. Just as the woman enters frame to go around to her desk, a figure appears clad all in white with giant scissors aimed right at the back of her neck. I urge anyone to watch this film and look for this scene, might very well be the scariest on this entire list. What makes this scene even better was the fact when I was interviewing Zach Galligan this past summer we both agreed that this was by far one of the scariest moments ever to grace the silver screen.

7) The Strangers - Home invasion
Ah the mid to late 2000's was a great time for horror. The Strangers, released in 2008 was seriously such a bad idea for a person like me. My biggest fear ever is home invasion. Seriously, if I even so much as hear a noise outside of my house I jump. This movie was not such a bright idea to go and watch. With lots of building suspense I would say the scariest moments of this film are a toss between this scene which is featured above or when the woman begins to knock at the front door, having broken the porch light. Truly scary...

8) Salem's Lot - The Master revealed.
I'm a massive fan of Stephen King, and I feel Salem's Lot is one of his greatest pieces of work. Being made into a made for TV movie in 1979 by Toby Hooper, then again in 2004 with Rob Lowe, the 70's version is the scariest and captures such moments like this in the novel the best. What I loved best about Hooper's movie is they strayed away how King wrote what the lead vampire should look like. Going more on a ghoul than anything else the moment he breaks in over the window inside Mark's kitchen is truly the worst. The epic score that plays over head is haunting.

9) REC - The penthouse
I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was living at school when me and my roomates heard yelling and screaming from the guy's apartment on the second floor. Thinking they had gotten into a fight or something we all traveled downstairs only to discover that they had downloaded REC and REC 2. These two movies are truly awesome and what's the worst is when the characters wander up to the pitch black penthouse and discover something truly awful lurking in the darkness.

10) Black Christmas. 
 Perfect movie for the holidays! Black Christmas, the original is by far one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. The worst scene is when Jess, our lead character travels upstairs to check on her friends only to discover them all murdered and stacked up on one of the beds. Slowly she hears whispering and she looks over only to see the eye of the killer staring down at her from behind the door. The chase scene that follows this still brothers me even to this day.

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