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"Let's close it up." Thoughts on the third and final season of Friday the 13th

 "Let's close it up." Thoughts on the third and final season of Friday the 13th.

PLOT - Micki and Ryan travel to a French village to help Jack stop a fallen angel from fulfilling six evil prophecies. It isn't long before Jack is injured, and Ryan becomes possessed by the devil. Micki, helpless calls upon Johnny to help and sadly it's too late. Ryan is able to break free of the demon, only to sacrifice himself in order to save a young girl. There God decides after the fallen angel is defeated before sunrise to grant Ryan a second chance at life, restoring him to a young boy with no memories of before. Returned to his mother, Micki and Jack are now faced to a Ryanless future at Curious Goods. Splitting the business 50/50 they decide to continue the fight against evil, while new friend Johnny starts to help out.

LOWDOWN - Everyone knows my love for Friday the 13th the series. Seven years ago by chance I happened on a few reruns of this show thinking it was the original 1980 film. It wasn't long that I was swooped up in the interesting and new storyline that strayed away from the Crystal Lake slasher, and focused on two cousins trying to track down cursed antiques from the devil. Going against what many hardcore Friday the 13th fans felt about this show, I liked the idea they didn't stick with the film's tired format and decided to do something new. Right away I was hooked and like the overall idea of how every episode there was a new cursed object that the three very likable leads had to recover. Feeling like shows such as The Night Gallery, or The Twilight Zone, I saw Friday the 13th the series for what it was. It was original, fun, and very much should have lasted longer than it did. Being a huge fan of actor John D LeMay who played Ryan Dallion, the shows lead for the first two seasons, I fell in love with his character and model singer Robey who played Micki Foster, as two cousins battling the force of good and evil as they try to get back all the cursed objects and antiques their devil worshiping uncle left behind.

The perfect trio was made with Ryan, Micki, and Jack in Curious Goods and as episodes passed, the storylines got better, as did the objects. Sure some of the effects and fashion were dated, but that was the charm behind it. After a powerhouse of season 2, sadly actor D LeMay had enough with the show and decided to move on (he later went on as the lead from Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday.) Lots of rumors flew around that the producers were brutal with the actors who had to seriously work 18 hours, 6 days a week no matter how sick you got. D LeMay knew that the makers of the show didn't exactly want him as the Ryan Dallion they wrote and decided to bow out early. In later interviews D LeMay says he regrets leaving, but since he was so young at the time he felt it was the best choice. Well, the show decided to so full steam ahead, but part of me feels the knew the main reason why this show worked so well was D LeMay's charm with Robey. So they ended up writing it in such a way that if he changed his mind, he could come back via turning into a little boy. I for some didn't really like how that turned how. I feel the Ryan character should have just gotten stabbed and died giving his life up. I loved his last lines in his true form "Pray for me..." Sadly D LeMay never returned, and the awful decision in continuing the series began. This time bringing in the character of Johnny who the producers hoped would become a love interest for Micki since Ryan and her were second "cousins" watch as I roll my eyes...

Steve Monarque, did a fine job as Johnny who came in in the later episodes of season 2. I liked how they didn't just spring this character on us, but slowly warmed the audience up to him. Sadly he was no John D LeMay and as handsome as he was, he never had the spark that Ryan and Micki had.

Speaking of Micki, Robey is one of the most stunning women from the 80's. I loved her slow change as the character of Micki Foster, sadly I feel it was a group effort with the show and having to pretty much carry the story line's weight on her shoulders were too much. It seemed as if her character was in mourning this entire season and half awake as if she no longer cared. In fact even Jack felt the same way. It was heart breaking whenever they even mentioned Ryan, and both didn't seem to have the drive of energy they once had the seasons before. I feel with that character no longer being there everything just seemed off and empty.

The budget did seem higher and there were some changes (I never understood why they changed the outside sign, but then again in the third episode of this season Jack remarks that the only reason Micki has changed and gotten rid of everything that reminds her of Ryan is because she hasn't gotten over the fact that he's gone.) Even in Bad Penny, there's a very sad scene where Micki is writing out a letter to Ryan, explaining he was always the one to go to whenever she was scared or sad. It seemed as if they didn't see the point that Ryan was young again with no horrible memories, a second chance in fact. Instead Micki and Jack act as if he really was killed.

Sad stuff...

We do get a better look of the inside of the store, the budget is a bit higher, and the objects did in fact get cooler. My favorites were of course the cursed wheelchair, dog leash, and pen. There were some strong episodes, and some not so strong episodes. I guess the show was canceled due to low ratings and a time slot that kept changing. (yeah...sure...) without warning the show was canceled and sadly there wasn't even a fitting ending to the show. I would have killed to see them bring Ryan back just once more. Instead we have an episode about a cursed painting, and the final scene of our three new leads closing the vault for good.

Over all I now see why it's taken me 7 whole years to finally watch the third season. Thanks Karen for giving me your bootleg copy! It was a well written season, with great episodes and objects, but just seemed down right depressing without D LeMay.

Now all I can hope for is that the cast does a few reunions!

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