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Greatest episodes in the first five seasons of Supernatural

 Greatest episodes in the first five seasons of Supernatural

Believe it or not it took me nearly five years to finally jump onto the Supernatural train. The story behind it is pretty simple, back in 2010 when I was away at school I decided to pop in My Bloody Valentine 3D (a remake I believe it or not really enjoyed even tho I'm a huge fan of the original.) while sculpting, I noticed the ever so handsome Jensen Ackles and I remembered that he was on some show called Supernatural. I had never once seen an episode of it before but I knew it had a huge following. On Youtube I went and the first clib I ever looked up as from Wishful Thinking from season 4 in which I watched a full sized teddy bear blow it's stuffing out. Safe to say I was interested.

Wishful Thinking - Season 4

So I went out and bought the first three seasons and before I knew it pretty much everyone in the apartment building I was living in got hooked as well. It seemed to be playing in every room on every floor over and over again. In fact me and my friends even made a drinking game to the show with beer staffs (worst idea e-v-e-r!) And after the holidays we plowed through the 5th season seriously for one whole day, none of us moving. Safe to say we were all a pretty big fan of the show back then.
Time moved on, and I sorta fell behind with the show. I did buy the 6th season and did watch and enjoy it once I moved back to MA but it just didn't seem the same. Maybe the huge part of the magic of watching this show was watching it with friends. Still, I heard the show's creator originally wrote the show to only be 5 seasons and end, which if you do indeed watch the 5th season you'll know why. Due to the show being so popular it kept going and now they are in their 8th season. I've fallen very behind, having not even seen one single episode of season 7, but I've heard mixed things. To me I really do feel the show should have in fact ended back with season 5. The show is very well written, has pretty awesome monsters/effects, and two very handsome likable leads...what else is there not to love? In fact back in 2011 I even worked a convention and got the chance to meet them. 

Yeah that's right boys...pull...pull real hard.

So what I decided to do is list my top favorite episodes from season 1 to season 5. Supernatural is a great show (in fact I decided to watch one of the new episodes just the night before and it was a stand alone episode so I wasn't too lost, and it made me remember why I loved the first few seasons. Every episode felt like a monster of the week, going back to classic shows from the 70's and 80's. So here it is, my favorite episodes from season 1 to season 5 of Supernatural.
Hammer Of The Gods

Dark Side Of The Moon

Fallen Idols

Jump The Shark

The Monster At The End Of The Book

Family Remains

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

In The Beginning

No Rest For The Wicked

A Very Supernatural Christmas

Bedtime Stories

The Kids Are Allright

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2


Everybody Loves A Clown 

The Benders 






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