Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scariest dolls in horror

 Scariest dolls in horror
Dolls...always supposed to be adorable little mini versions of people for children to play with and take joy and comfort from. That is unless they are seen in a horror movie. Here are in my eyes the scariest dolls to ever grace the world of horror!

Annabelle - The Conjuring

Billy - Dead Silence 

Clown doll - Poltergeist

Vida - Friday The 13th The Series

The Dolls - Dolls  

 Zuni doll - Trilogy Of Terror

Blade - Puppetmaster 

Fats - Magic

Coco The Clown - Tales From The Crypt - Strung Along 

Pinocchio - Pinocchio's Revenge 

Pin - Pin 

Chucky - Child's Play 

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  1. What about Fletcher from Making Contact aka Joey?