Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Well, I finally made it to the end of my 31 days of terror list. It was a blast and always great to re-watch so many classic things that in my eyes shaped the way I love horror. This Halloween I'm dressed as Ben from the first Hatchet movie. Only thing that's missing is puke, but I'm sure that might happen after a few UFO pumpkin flavored beers...

My Halloween is pretty low key today, I'm working and afterwards I'm going to go see the Carrie remake. My hopes aren't up since I loved the original movie, but at least it will be something amusing to do. After that I plan on kicking back at my house and re-watching the Halloween movies for the 100th time as the last day of AMC Fear Fest is upon us :( I'm sure gonna miss having my favorite movies playing 24/7 it's been fun!

This month was a total blast and I'm looking forward to the very underatted month of November. Believe it or not Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all time and I'm very much looking forward to enjoying it! So tommrow as you wash the fake blood and grease paint off your face, stock up on anything Halloween since it will be half off in the morning. It's been a fun Halloween and very much looking forward to the next!

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