Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 31 - Final Day - Halloween - Friday the 13th the series - Hellowe'en

 Day 31 - Final Day - Halloween - Friday the 13th the series - Hellowe'en

PLOT -On Halloween night, Micki and Ryan are visited by the ghost of their late uncle, who has returned from the underworld.

LOWDOWN - Well, the 31 days of terror challange is finally over. I honestly think this month by far has had the most posts and reviews I've ever done for the entire blog. It's been a very fun and eventful month, and I'm honestly looking forward to November. I will on the other hand miss AMC Fear Fest, the colorful leafs, and pumpkin flavored beer...

For my final day I decided to tackle the only Halloween episode from my all time favorite show Friday the 13th the series. This being Hellowe'en. Airing in the first season in 1987, this was a clever take on the holiday at Curious Goods. In fact this was really the first time we got a pretty good look of the entire lay out of the store, including a hidden room that was never spoken or used again. This was the first but not last time Uncle Lewis returned, trying to escape Hell. 

I can't even say how much I love the opening scene at the party, I love that they threw it simply to draw in people from the neighborhood on not being so scared of the place now that it was under new managerment. Our three leads are yet again trapped as Lewis and a demon helper use yet another cursed object to try and return. With plenty of awesome gags, coustumes, and a very clever ending line/freeze frame I would say this is a MUST to watch every Halloween.

Gotta love when Micki and Ryan are crawling thru the tiny window and Ryan get stuck and tells Micki that it isn't time to be lady like and to just pull him. Love their little banter in the first season, so adorable.

So Happy Halloween everyone and stay tuned for a very eventful month as I count down the days until Thanksgiving and watch my favorite turkey holiday themed slasher Bloodrage!

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