Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 24 - Night Of The Demons

 Day 24 - Night Of The Demons

PLOT - A group of teens decides to have a Halloween party up at the deserted funeral parlor. They accidentally awaken a demon while having a seance. The demon enters the body of one of the women, and soon the teens begin getting picked off one by one. 

I LOVE Night Of The Demons. In fact it's in my top 25 favorite horror movies of all time. Directed by Kevin Tenney who wowed audiences with Witchboard a few years earlier, he made complete and utter horror perfection with the perfect blend of music, effects, actors, and of course terror. A complete cult classic that's now 25 years old, Night Of The Demons was truly one of the last awesome horror films of the 1980's. 

Today I want to show what's seriously the most awesome birthday gift ever. I don't exactly know the story behind it but I guess it was some guy's birthday who just so happens to be a massive fan of Night Of The Demons. Here a few younger members of his family decided to perform the opening theme for him. I seriously get chills everyone I watch this. If anyone is ever looking to win me over, play the Night Of The Demons theme for me on a violin.

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