Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam Raimi!

 Happy Birthday Sam Raimi!

A very happy 54th birthday to Mr. Sam Raimi. As a massive fan of Sam's, I really do fell proud wearing my awesome Raimi brothers hoodie today. Tonight I'm feeling a late night viewing of Intruder may be in store.

Sam made horror history back in his early 20's when he made the terrifying cult classic The Evil Dead. A few years later he became horror royalty when he made it's insane sequel Dead By Dawn and the rest is history. Having directed over twenty feature length films which have become classics and broken box office records, Sam continues wowing audiences with his insane talent and vision. With just directing Oz The Great And Powerful, and letting his production company produce the remake to The Evil Dead, it honestly seems there won't be any rest of this man soon. Known as the joker in the horror world, even at age fifty-four, Sam still seems like a big kid. What I love about Sam is the fact even tho he's best known for the Evil Dead and Spiderman movies, he has insane range. He's directed slap stick comedies, romance, supernatural dramas, and even westerns! There honestly is nothing this man can't do (we're keeping Spiderman III out of this hahahahaha.) What I love best about Sam is that for a brief time he acted a little bit. He's always putting down his acting days but as a true Raimi fan I find joy in all the little bit parts and roles he did. His best two are in Intruder as Randy the butcher, and in Indian Summer as Stick. 

So happy birthday Mr. Raimi, I'm proud to have your name tattooed on me!

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