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Chiller weekend recap

 Chiller weekend recap
Didn't even notice I'm doing Waxwork hands in this one...awesome.

So this past weekend I decided to finally check out Chiller theater in NJ with these lovely bunch of ladies. I first decided to finally do Chiller right around Labor Day when I discovered Zach Galligan was going to be there. This past summer I had my friend Tara made stunning artwork based off Zach's role in Tales From The Crypt. Like a complete nutcase I planned that I would drive all by myself down to NJ then drive back all in that Saturday (wtf is the matter with me?) Lucky for me my friend Jeanette found out and decided that a few of us would all go while staying at my friend Casey's place. Well Friday I drive the surprisingly pleasant drive to Casey's and got there around ten. The next day we took off to Chiller which has been the most packed I have EVER seen a convention. In fact, if I'm ever crazy enough to do this again, I'm only going either Friday night or Saturday, you seriously couldn't even move! I feel Chiller was held at a great hotel, but the way the guests were spread out didn't really work and there didn't seem to be enough staff. My first round at the vendor room was horrible, you seriously couldn't even walk, you were shoulder to shoulder with people. How the fire Marshall wasn't called is beyond me.

What was awesome about Chiller was the Jaws museum they had set up. I was able to take a photo in front of the yellow barrels used in the movie and see some original props. As a huge Jaws fan this meant the world to me, sadly my hair was a hot mess due to the heat inside so I looked pretty stupid, still anything that has to do with Jaws is awesome! I was able to run into my friend Karen who I've known since Myspace and she gave me her bootleg copy of Friday the 13th the series. Looking forward to finally watching season 3 and bitching about it!

Next I decided to finally meet Zach, wandering into the crowded guest room, I couldn't even breath. Much like the vendor room it was insane how packed it was. Zach of course remembered me and my Twitter handle and right off the bat I started bitching and moaning about how hot it was. Galligan gave me a hug and somehow everything felt better. Oh Mark Loftmore...

Any who, I showed him all the items I brought, in which his response for me blowing up a still from Hellraiser III was "Are you fucking serious?" and his utter disgust when he saw Round Trip To Heaven. He also seemed pretty impressed when he saw the Surviving novel, and the amazing Tales From The Crypt artwork which he took a photo of with his phone. Like a huge dork I gave him a small bottle if whiskey for his 50th birthday coming up, creepy you might say but Zach is one of my favorite actors and what other chance would I get to "buy" Mark Loftmore a drink. In fact lucky for me my friend Tom from Shit Movie Fest hung out with him later that night and I was happy to see that was what Zach was drinking. Stacy Still ladies and gents, keeping 80's actors drunk.

After signing everything a few photos where we both looked half dead, I moved on to meet the ever so lovely Jill Schoelen. Like a loser, I kinda teared up telling her how much I loved watching this movie with my mother growing up and that she was by far my favorite final girl ever. Jill was a sweetheart, signed my VHS and even gave me a free Popcorn autograph! Jill, you will and forever be one of my favorite ladies of horror.

Finally me and Jeanette decided to meet William Ragsdale from Fright Night. What killed me was what a bad spot his table was, it was right in the main area where you walk in and due to the crowds being so crazy you felt sorta guilty standing just in one spot. Well I started off about the main reason me and Jeanette became friends was because we both love Mannequin II and how funny we thought it was when the girl eats the paper. Will said "Well, that's a sign that friendship will last forever." and humored us as he dorked out. I had Will sign my Fright Night II VHS.

Due to the crowds and long lines I didn't meet anyone else, the guest list was insane but I feel they over booked.

My second time in the vendor room wasn't that bad. I met up with Tom and we both agreed how packed it was and spent a good hour just slowly walking around looking at everything. I was able to see my friends at VHSPS who were awesome as always and finally was able to somewhat take my time looking around. My haul was smaller than I thought, but I was glad I saved some money this time around. I ended up getting 3 movies from VHSPS, Lisa, The Curse, and another copy of Radioactive Dreams to send to a friend. I got a Big Trouble In Little China shirt, an 80's camp slasher movie Kristy swears I'll love, and two issue of Fangoria, in which one had a pull out poster of Friday the 13th the series!!!!

I said a quick goodbye to Zach who was passing out Waxwork cards for my Facebook page in getting the movie released on blu-ray. Having that man kiss you on the cheek and say that he loves me turned me into a 5 year old girl again. Seriously nicest guy ever for those who haven't met him yet. Being able to take home my VHS copy of Waxwork II signed by him makes me a very very happy nerd.

Part of me wishes I would have stayed and drank with friends and watched the bands peform but I feel that's for another time, instead we all left around 4:30 5ish and were all able to breath fresh clear air when we left. My thoughts on Chiller were way too packed, in fact it made everything really unenjoyable due to the crowds. I was impressed with the guest list and the vendor rooms, but I learned my lesson, if I wanna do Chiller I'll do it on a Sunday!

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