Friday, September 6, 2013

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Last week while hanging out with Miss Stacy, we got to talk a lot about everything. Of course a majority of what we love to talk about is movies, and between all the Zach Galligan movies we watched,we got on the subject of best kiss scenes. I was going to try and make a top 5 kiss scenes, but really I got 2 that I am unable to get out of my mind!

#2 My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)

This tells the story of Omar (Gordon Warnecke), a young Pakistani living in London. His family owns and runs laundrettes and decides to take on one in a not so stellar neighborhood. He decides to get his old friend Johnny to help him rehab and reopen the store. Johnny (Daniel Day Lewis) is a street punk and Omar's former lover. Let's just say there is a little of everything in this movie, different cultures colliding, homosexuality, gutter punks, laundry, and love.

While watching the movie, the relationship between the 2 friends is subtle, there is a hint of love there but your not quite sure. Then finally once the new laundrette opens, they finally kiss and reconnect. and boy is it a kiss.

We all know that Daniel Day Lewis gives 110% for every role he does, but this kiss takes the cake! 

#1 Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)
I consider this one of my favourite John Hughes movies. Yes i know he didnt direct it but he wrote it, and that man knew how to write young teenage love, drama, and comedy.
This film shows us the friendship between Keith (Eric Stolz) and Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson). Watts is a all around tomboy/punk girl. Keith is more of the quiet artist type. They have a close friendship that starts to become strained when Keith becomes interested in the popular girl Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson). This makes Watts realize that she feels more for Keith then just good friends.

The kiss. Oh this kiss, without giving too much away, Watts decides to help Keith out with his date with Amanda. Which leads to a conversation about kissing in which Watts has Keith practice on her. You can tell that they both feel more than just friends during the kiss.

I am a sucker for a romance, but the tough best girl/friend storyline always gets me, and I can just rewind this kiss and watch it over and over. It's that good.

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