Saturday, September 7, 2013

Autumn must-haves for Stacy

Autumn must-haves for Stacy

1). Watch as many horror/Halloween themed movies as possible.

2). Buy as many pumpkin/candy corn scented soaps and candles that I can get my hands onto.

3). Eat/drink anything that's pumpkin flavored. Even if it tastes like shit.
4). Decorate my entire house the day after Labor Day for Halloween and look like a crazy person.

5). Go to Rock N Shock

6). Do zombie/gore makeup!

7). Buy pumpkins way too early so they end up being rotten by Halloween.

8). Drink Shipyard...the most wonderful pumpkin flavored beer in the world.

9). Break out my favorite hoodies!

10). Stare at the colorful trees while driving and nearly crash my car.

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