Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Last Slumber Party

 The Last Slumber Party

PLOT - It's the first day of summer vacation and a group of teenage girls decide to have a slumber party at one of their houses. Planning on sneaking in a few boys, the girls have no idea a deeply disturbed mental patient is on the loose and is now hiding in the house picking them off one by one.

LOWDOWN - Last weekend I watched my double feature DVD that had both Terror At Tenkiller, and The Last Slumber Party on it. Reviewing Terror At Tenkiller, fond childhood memories of renting that title at the video store came flooding came. Deciding to watch the other movie on the disc, I was shocked to find myself highly amused and not at all disappointed by the low budget cheese of The Last Slumber Party.

Just last year I went VHS hunting with a friend of mine and the brightly colorful cover of a tape caught my eye. Looking at the title, I figured it somehow fit along with the Slumber Party Massacre movies that I'll be the first to admit I've always highly enjoyed. Well, I asked my friend if this movie was any good, in which he shrugged and said not really. Tossing it into my collection, I didn't pay it any further mind until I decided to watch the same movie again on that double feature DVD.

The Last Slumber Party was rightly placed as a double feature with Terror At Tenkiller simply because both movies were made in the mid to late 80's, were very low budget, had awful acting in it, and were staples in every horror section at video stores twenty years ago. Well, maybe I have awful taste, but I enjoyed both movies. Terror At Tenkiller brought back memories for me, while The Last Slumber Party was a new title from the 80's I had never seen before and ended up loving!

I'm not always a huge fan of low budget, but for this movie I think it worked pretty well. Besides the blurry hand held camera work, and that goofy looking killer with the hospital mask on. Like I said, I really dug Slumber Party Massacre, and even though these movies aren't linked at all, the setting of a suburban house in California. Like I said, this movie doesn't have even half the budget the Slumber Party Massacre movies had and that's saying something. I feel movies like this were being cranked out along with so many other low budget slashers to simply try and make money. We got Sorority Massacre, Slumber Party Massacre, ect. These movies were done for one reason and one reason show girls half naked getting stalked and killed. I'm sure plenty of horny teenage boys loved renting this movies for the boobs and blood, which these movies delivered plenty of.

The Last Slumber Party is a cheesy, poorly acted, amusing movie to watch after having a couple of beers. I believe it or not liked the pacing of this movie, even though the killer was silly, AND the ending/dream scene was VERY confusing. I felt like I was watching Inception for the 80's. I mean how did the doctor's body get in the pool?! Still, a cheesy, little hidden gem of a slasher that's lots of fun and fits the theme of summer slashers. Not a bad movie to watch with a group of friends and laugh at.

2 Stars!

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