Saturday, August 3, 2013

Waxwork shoutout

 Waxwork shoutout
Last weekend I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a photo pop up on Instagram that I was tagged in. Well, safe to say I screamed out loud when I saw what it was. One of my friends over at VHSPS was cool enough to snap a photo of Zach and Deborah giving me a little shoutout. As a self proclaimed massive Waxwork fan, I have to admit I had a tear in my eye when I saw this. Yeah I'm a total dork, but it really warmed my heart that my convention friends are that cool and amazing to do something like that for me. A million thank yous, truly. 

As we all know I'm still getting the ball rolling with this Waxwork Facebook page to raise support in getting both films released on blu-ray. Everyone who has liked it has been beyond amazing and supportive. Photos and moments like this truly touch me since I was bummed out I couldn't fly out to this. Even though I did hear the show sucked. Seeing Mark Loftmore and the original Sarah Brightman together again twenty-five years later makes me smile from ear to ear. Like I said, I have amazing friends who really made my month by doing this.

Also! Stay tuned this week for an interview with Mr. Zach Galligan himself! I'll be asking plenty of Waxwork questions! 

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