Monday, August 5, 2013

Did you know...

Did you know?

Right before Austrian born film makers James Wan and Leigh Whannelll changed the world of horror in 2004 with their splatter suspense horror Saw, they had a pretty clever and awesome way to pitch the movie over seas to America. 

Long story short, James and Leigh wrote Saw and were trying to find a studio interested in the screenplay. To make this certian idea stand out from the millions upon millions of ideas pitched, they decided to go the extra mile and film a short film to capture the overall feel of the movie.

Filming a short ten minute movie, this was passed along the different studios along with it's screenplay. 

Leigh played the lead, and the ten minute movie pretty much is an extended version of what happens to the Shawnee Smith character Amanda in the finished movie. This time Leigh plays the part and long before these movies got ruined after sequel after sequel, this movie captured the creepy unsettling feel the first saw had.

I loved this short film and it shows even when they came from humble beginnings, James and Leigh still knew how to put a scare into the audience.

Also in the finished film of Saw, Leigh not only plays Adam, the poor adorable guy trapped in the bathroom, he also doubles as Amanda's hands when she starts to rip the body apart and search in it's stomach for the key. Yep, those painted nails belonged to Leigh.

Also you can see Leigh carrying a shotgun doubling as Sing when him and Tapp enter the warehouse.

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