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Horror movie questions take 2!

 Horror movie questions take 2!

Thanks to Freddy In Space, I decided to tackle yet another list of horror themed questions!

  1. Scariest kid character in a horror movie?
    Gage Creed from Pet Sematary. For those who have had the pleasure of reading the novel, he's so much worse. In he book he's decomposing, and due to the horrible accident, the undertaker was unable to really put his body back together right. It goes into vivid detail of how his head budges in different directions, one eye staring up to one side, and how half his head is nearly caved in. Seeing that this is supposed to be just a two year old it's terrifying.
  2. 2) Best sex scene murder?
    Not really a sex scene, but we do get to see breasts! I will go with the scene in the original Fright Night when Charlie spies on Jerry with the hooker through his bedroom window. The score seriously makes the entire scene. Even though the actual murder isn't seen on screen since Jerry pulls the shade down, you know exactly what's going to happen when he pops out the good old fangs!
  3. Creepiest dead body?
    The dead body that falls out at the end of Pieces. I never saw it coming and actually jumped when it happened.
  4. Horror musical you enjoy?
    Have never really been into musicals, but I did have the pleasure of seeing a friend of mine back at school a few years back perform in a production of Evil Dead The Musical. As a huge Raimi fan I really enjoyed it!
  5. Funniest horror movie character?
    Nubbins from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I loved that Chop Top just carried him around. I told my sister if I ever get run over my a truck I want her to do that to my body. She somehow doesn't get it.
  6. Favorite woman in the world of horror?
    Hum going to have to go with Linnea Quigley. I'm yet to have the pleasure of meeting her, but I really respect her. First off in the 80's she was a total knock out! She used her “talents” and was in some really truly awesome movies. Also doesn't hurt she was married for five whole years to the very handsome Steve Johnson. I airbrushed a really shitty painting based off their wedding photo and turned Linnea into a zombie. Creepy...I don't think so!
  7. A horror you'd be in?
    A horror movie? Um, I would love to die in either one of the early Friday the 13th movies or Hatchet films. Those kills are amazing! Or maybe Evil Dead II. Then I would seduce Sam Raimi in his younger days.
  8. Favorite alien-related horror movie?
    Aliens. Hands down.
  9. Best horror TV series?
    Friday the 13th the series. The first two seasons are VERY underrated. I urge anyone to give them a try. Yes their sorta dated, and yes they have nothing to do with the films but trust me, it's a good thing. Great show that give a lot of the 80's horror themed shows a run for the money.
  10. A serial killer you hate?
    I hate them all but Manson takes the cake. What a pussy, brain washing young drug addicted girls to do your dirty work? Also what he had done to Sharon Tate is horrible. Not to preach or anything but her unborn son could have grown up to be a doctor, lawyer, director, writer, artist...who knows. Such a waste...
  11. Most ditzy character?
    In a horror movie? Tina from Halloween 5. Her voice is forever burned into my memory.
  12. Favorite horror movie from the past year?
    I really enjoyed The Conjuring. I've read up on the Warrens before and it's pretty interesting stuff. But my favorite so far has to be Hatchet III. Epic ending to a great trilogy and seeing Zach Galligan in a sheriff's uniform. Mmmm!
  13. Best impalement?
    The couple having sex in Friday the 13th part 2. Classic!
  14. Killer who has the best weapon?
    Christine the car. She used her own body!
  15. A horror love story?
    Believe it or not it's a tie between three movies. All not typical “love” stories but if you truly think about it, makes perfect sense. First is Christine, second is Candyman, and third is the original Hitcher. If you closely watch these films you'll see all are tragic love stories.
  16. Best throat slicing?
    I seriously can't for the life of me remember her name, was it Wendy? Fuck I can't remember. The virgin girl from the original Prom Night. She's the one who's asshole boyfriend gets pissed off and leaves her in the locker room. Love the slow motion shot of his gloved hand going over her mouth and her eyes bugging out as the piece of glass is dragged across. Perfect music, and camera shot.
  17. Favorite sequel to a horror?
    I have a few. Waxwork II: Lost In Time, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, Warlock II, Dawn Of The Dead, Amityville II, and Psycho II. And that's just part II's, I in general love sequels!
  18. Best horror movie in the woods?
    Love the first 4 Friday the 13th movies, mostly part III and of course Evil Dead II.
  19. An actor you enjoyed to watch get murdered?
    She didn't actually “die” or at least that's what the audience thinks...but (SPOILERS!) Danielle Harris in Hatchet III. Myself along with two friends actually cheered when she was impaled onto the tree branch. We're sick...I know...
  20. Most attractive horror movie killer?
    Zach Galligan in Cupid. Man was rocking that cross bow long before The Walking Dead!
  21. Best family in horror?
    Sawyer family from TMC2. Just love how they sit down and have dinner every night.
  22. Worst recent horror movie you've seen?
    Amityville Haunting. I spent five dollars for the DVD and overpaid.
  23. Favorite 70's horror?
  24. Favorite horror theme song?
    Yet again Phantasm, ha, ha, ha. Also love the Waxwork II theme.
  25. Best version of Jason?
    Love him in Jason Goes To Hell.
  26. A horror you can't wait to see?
    Curse Of Chucky. Yep, guilty as charged. I'm a sucker for these movies.
  27. Best be-heading?
    The triple one from Jason Lives.
  28. Favorite B-movie horror?
    I have a lot but I'll go with Waxwork II even tho I feel it's an A+++ movie!
  29. Most righteous killer?
    Mrs. Voorhees from the original Friday the 13th. LONG before any hockey masks graced the screen, the original Friday the 13th is a very underrated thriller. In fact I get down right mad when people complain it's boring and long. Guess what, it's called pacing and suspense. Mrs. Voorhees was a woman driven insane due to the loss of her child. It goes to show how far a person can go when they are pushed to the limits by grief and revenge.
  30. Horror with an ending you didn't expect to happen?
    Sleepaway Camp. I had to complete pleasure of not knowing anything about this movie when I rented it over ten years ago. This was sorta when the internet was just starting to take hold and I didn't know how to look up spoilers. Great epic ending I honestly don't think they could double again even if they tried.

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