Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exciting new up coming releases!

 Exciting new up coming releases!

Today was a pretty dandy day for new and exciting news via DVD and shirt releases in the world of horror.

Well at least for me!

Shout! Factory aka Scream Factory is tackling YET again feat in winning over my heart as one of the best companies to re-release classic horror titles in amazing SE formats. It seems coming in 2014, Scream Factory will be re-leasing Night Of The Demons and Witchboard. Details to come later in the year. Kevin Tenney's two amazing 80's classics are finally getting the true treatment they both deserve. Now I do know that Night Of The Demons is in the process of getting the SE treatment, I don't know for sure if this is going to be it. Also will it be a double feature or separate? Hopefuls we'll get some awesome new artwork and plenty of extras! These two movies are HUGE personal favorites of mine and I've had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Tenney several times. Guy is a class act. Here's to hoping that Scream Factory will continue in getting the ball rolling with releasing more classic titles. Hey, who knows maybe someday Waxwork and Waxwork II. "Sigh..."

The next big update is from my favorite T-shirt company Fright Rags. After many years of waiting they have FINALLY and rightfully so got the Halloween license. Today the photos of the up coming T-shirts, hoddies, and SE packages due to ship in October hit the internet. Pre-ordering for these babies will be in early September. 

I'm blown away by how stunning the Halloween 4 shirt looks. Who knows, maybe I'll cough up the cash to get it in a hoodie! 

Stay tuned for lots of new updates. Also, on another note tomorrow night I'm picking up my good friend Melissa from the airport. She's flying in from Chicago to stay with me over the holiday weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday. We're making the haul up to Maine on Saturday to do the Stephen King tour. Get ready for lots of lame and awesome photos to come!

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