Sunday, August 25, 2013

Amazing Tales From The Crypt artwork!

 Amazing Tales From The Crypt artwork!

So a couple of months back, I noticed some truly killer artwork from a girl by the name of Tara Sasarak. She was the person responsible behind the amazing Pet Sematary flyers for the up coming documentary. Curious, I became friends with her and asked if she did custom work. Lucky for me, she said yes. Torn between wanting her to make either a Waxwork piece, or artwork from my favorite episode of Tales From The Crypt Strung Along, I decided to take the first step in getting the tattoo I've been wanting for a while, and have her do the Strung Along one. Are we noticing a Zach Galligan theme anyone?

Tara put her heart and soul into this piece and made sure I was very involved in her process. She sent me constant photos and updates on it, and kept asking me what I thought. Finally, the wait was worth it when last week the piece was finished and mailed to me. Now sitting in a frame, I'm beyond thrilled about how this came out. Tara is crazy talented, and does all of this work with colored pencils. I'm hoping to base my next tattoo off this piece and then have her this winter start working on my epic Waxwork idea. 

Check out Tara on facebook, she has an Etsy account and like I said her work is nothing short of stunning!


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