Monday, September 2, 2013

A very happy birthday indeed...

 A very happy birthday indeed...
So as I sit back, totally exhausted in the comfort of my A.C watching House Of The Devil, I decided to do a brief recap of this past weekend which was also my birthday weekend. Taking Friday off from work, I was very excited for the long holiday weekend due to the fact my good friend Melissa was flying out from Chicago to visit.

Melissa and myself go way back. We originally met back at school, where she was truly an awesome friend to me. We both hit it off for our odd taste in movies and actors. Not to sound too cheesy, but back when I was having some medical problems, Melissa was the one who always urged me to take me to the hospital. She would sit with me when I was sick, and was always a great comfort to me. I love her dearly and am extremely lucky I found such a wonderful friend.   

I visited Melissa back in 2011 and had a complete blast when I helped her staff a Supernatural convention. I even got a pretty sick photo with Sam and Dean! After the awesome visit to the windy city we promised our self's that the next chance we would get, she would visit me. Well nearly two years later we made it finally happen. 

Melissa's first day here we visited local DVD and record stores and then decided to take in an afternoon show and see You're Next. I'll be writing a review soon for the movie, and I find it very fitting that I'm finally getting into these movies (House Of The Devil, The Innkeepers, VHS/VHS2, ect.) Now I'll be the first to admit, home invasion scares the utter and complete shit out of me. Way back when I went to see the Evil Dead remake I saw a trailer for it and was instantly interested. Well, I finally got to see it and I guess my review will speak for itself. I highly enjoyed it, but the acting and dialog were HORRIBLE. Still pretty awesome set up/location/story/and gore. I honestly never laughed so hard in my life when the lamb mask guy stepped on the board with the nails. Also that magic song is forever stuck in my head...

That night after ice cream I forced Melissa to watch Waxwork and Waxwork II: Lost In Time with me. She's never seen these gems before and I wanted to show her the reason why I hype them up so much. Safe to say I think she enjoyed them since afterwards she asked to wear my Zach Galligan Waxwork shirt, and tweeted him the photo!
We finished the night off being complete girls watching Dirty Dancing ( a Labor Day must) and hit the sack. I of course had a major freak out moment when a very large spider fell on my bed and I refused to sleep in my bedroom. It was sofa city for me all the way that night.

On Saturday (my birthday) we woke up at 6 fucking AM only to see it pouring out and to find out our awesome Stephen King tour we had planned up in Maine was canceled. = shitty! Instead of letting that get us down we first had breakfast then headed over to Salem MA. The two of us decided to geek out and do the tourist thing and visit museums and yes...Waxworks. 

Since we got there so early we spend a good part of the morning walking around as I showed Melissa the sights. We first visited a Witch museum in which we bought tickets to visit two other places during the course of the rest of the day. Here we spent the day getting lost, shopping, walking by the water, and looking for the houses used in Lords Of Salem. Yep...we're dorks! Melissa also pointed out that Damien Echols had a place there for meditation. I remember watching some stuff on his trial a while back and believe it or not Melissa and myself walked by and got to see him standing outside his office. We shook his hand and said hi and he was extremely nice. 

After two other museum tours and seeing an awesome waxwork filled with famous horror movie icons, we shopped around a little bit more before heading back. I was very pleased after getting myself a real foxtail and a hard copy of Stephen King's The Reglators. One of my personal favorites.

That afternoon we had dinner, where Melissa had the waiters at the restaurant sing happy birthday to me (As embarrassing as it was I got a slice of free cake out of it. Worth it!)  and we headed back to my place to watch Christine on blu-ray. That night we drove down to watch an original print of one of my all time favorite movies.


Melissa hadn't ever seen it before and the fact it was an original print made it even more awesome. As tired as I was, I couldn't help but get goose bumps at the very end. I seriously need to re-watch this series again. Utter perfection.

Yesterday I dragged Melissa to my sister's where we had a nice little cookout and I had lobster. (yep, that's right bitches!) afterwards we spend out evening geeking out watching Zach Galligan movies. Couldn't honestly think of a better way to end the night. Today we woke up, got brunch, went shopping, and came back here to kick back and relax. Over the course of the weekend I showed Melissa some gems. Some were good, some were bad...most were ugly.

After having a bitter sweet goodbye, and then getting lost coming back from the airport, I'm exhausted and about to pass out. I seriously couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday and I can't thank my family and Melissa enough. It's been a very busy weekend but I loved every moment of it. 

Wow...I'm twenty-five now. Same age as Waxwork and Die Hard!

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