Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hatchet blu-ray marathon!

 Hatchet blu-ray marathon!
Today marked a very special event for horror fans alike. Today was the DVD/blu-ray release of Hatchet III, the final installment in Adam Green's epic old school splatter horror trilogy. It honestly feels just like yesterday back in 2007 when I first watched the original Hatchet. Three years later, I watched the balls to the wall sequel with a friend of mine back at school. Then this past spring I was lucky enough to attend Adam Green's Hatchet marathon in which the cast and a special audience had the privilege to watch the third and final installment two weeks before it was released. This was the first time Mr. Green and the cast got to see the final cut of the movie all together. Safe to say, I had a blast.

Sadly Hatchet III was not released in theaters, I fact I think maybe a total of four country wide were screening the film, which meant most of us had to either download it on I-tunes or watch it on demand. Well today fans of this series were finally able to complete their collection in buying the third movie which in my eyes after the first is the next best one. Sorry part II!

Tonight I'm spending a typical Tuesday drinking pumpkin flavored beer (is it October yet?!) and watching the Hatchet films backwards. All ready tons of awesome memories are coming back to be watching these movies and making me yet again remember why I love them so much. 

So I urge anyone out there even if your not a Hatchet fan to go check out the third movie. Or what I like to call the Aliens of the series. With an epic ending, some great cameos, and Zach Galligan packing heat, it's worthwhile for a great time!   

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