Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jason Goes To Hell turns 20 today!

 Jason Goes To Hell turns 20 today!
Twenty years ago on this very day in 1993 Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday was released in theaters. 

Wow, I feel old as shit!

Jason Goes To Hell is my ultimate guilty pleasure and drinking movie. Maybe it's because the movie is so odd and unlike all of the other Friday the 13th movies, or the fact cutie pie John D LeMay is in it. I don't know.

Still, as much as fans love or hate this movie you really have to hand it to this movie for having hands down one of the all time greatest cliff hangers of all time which took nearly ten years to later be turned into Freddy Vs. Jason. I still clearly remembering renting this movie and screaming out loud at that last shot. Utter horror perfection.

So tonight crack open a beer and pop in one of the best "final" installments of the Friday the 13th series!

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