Thursday, August 15, 2013

Did you know?

 Did you know?
In the epic sequel Terminator 2 Judgement Day, in the scene where Sarah has the vivid nightmare of watching her younger self with John when he was just a baby before the nuke drops, the baby playing John was actually Linda Hamilton and Bruce Abbott's son Dalton. 

Linda and Bruce were married for nearly seven years and had Dalton shortly before they separated. What's awesome about this certian scene is that the young Sarah is played by Linda's identical twin sister Leslie. 

In fact last year at HorrorHound when I had the complete pleasure of meeting Linda who was a total sweetheart, she remarked that Dalton has moved to my area of Boston to live with his long term girlfriend. Pretty cool since I clearly remember always getting scared shitless at this scene.

I also still to this day crack up over the casting of John in these movies. I mean for the time Edward Furlong was perfect casting as the young ten year old (yeah fucking right more like twelve or thirteen) with the cracking voice and classic one liners. In 1991 he seemed like the coolest and cutest guy on the planet. In fact he racked up a few pretty legit roles. His last being Detroit Rock City. Then...well we all know what happened.

= No fucking words.

In fact I also met Mr. Furlong at last year's HorrorHound along with some other cast members from T2. Now T2 was seriously my favorite movie growing up. I think I was the only little girl in Kindergarten who had a T2 sweatshirt and dolls. Meeting the cast was a big deal for me, but the second I walked into that autograph room and saw Edward with his ponytail and looking as if he had been under water for 10 childhood was shit on.

Or maybe it happened the night before when Patrick from The Monster Squad did a drunken keg stand with us.

Anywho Edward was in a complete daze and even though he was pleasant whenever he looked at a photo of himself from one of The Crow movies and said he looked like a weird lesbian I nearly died.

Oh wow...

Just to think, Linda + Michael Biehn = that. I shutter to think.

John has been played by several other actors, including Mr. Nick Stahl who looks the closest to resembling Linda and Michael. But we all know what he's been up to he even still alive?

Anywho goes to show you...maybe they should have just stuck with Dalton.

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