Saturday, June 15, 2013

Waxwork III: Through The Gates Of Time

 Waxwork III: Through The Gates Of Time.

So after drinking half a bottle of very cheap wine tonight, I searched high and low on the interview and found a pretty interesting titbit from the Waxwork movie fan site. Here is a small little article of the sequel that sadly never came to be...

 I know what you're thinking: "Waxwork III?  WHAT?!?"  But it's true: writer/director/creator Anthony Hickox had actually intended for there to be a third installment of the "Waxwork" movies.  Over a decade ago, I found a French website about "Waxwork" (which sadly, no longer exists) and there was a poster of Zach Galligan as Mark with the aforementioned title and the tagline "The only exit is... infinity!"  And believe me, I wish I could've saved that cool poster picture from that site!  Apparently, the brief plot synopsis listed would have had Sarah return to the King Arthur time period to reunite with Mark, since "Waxwork II: Lost in Time" ended with Sarah vanishing in the back of a departing taxi cab, and they were going to find their way back to the present time.  However, because Mark was revealed to be a time warrior in the second film, Mark and Sarah would have to first help Merlin the Magician and the time warriors stop a Modor witch (no, not Mordor - wrong movie series, guys) before they could return to their present time.

 = Mind blown.

I have mentioned several times on this site about hearing about the rumor that in the mid 90's Anthony Hickcox had wanted to make a third installment to his amazing Waxwork movies, thus making it into a pretty awesome trilogy. Sadly due to the fact that both movies were mostly popular and made it's big money in the home video market, a third film money wise would have been too much of a risk for whatever studio backed it. The 90's showed a change in the world of horror, and after Scream was released, movies like Waxwork and Waxwork II weren't really typical choices for the market. + it's a well known fact Zach Galligan didn't want to be typecast in "horror" roles, and "supposedly" passed on working on another horror movie with Hickcox. (Was this Waxwork 3...we'll never know.) Zach did play cameos in Hickcox's Warlock 2 and Hellrasier III as well as starring in Prince Valiant. I always thought Hickcox and Galligan made a great team, and would LOVE to see these guys work together again. 

In fact, Waxwork II was left VERY open ended. In fact when I went to Zach's Q&A at Spooky Empire, before I asked my question about his cameos in Warlock 2 and Hellraiser III, I quickly mentioned how the ending of Waxwork II was left very opened ended for another film. For some strange reason that week while meeting Zach over and over again, and winning the crew shirt from part II, I never asked if he had in fact heard anything about there ever going to be a third film, or even seeing a script or hearing a plotline. Nope, I was too dumb asking questions like "In part II how did they do that effect of you and Sarah falling?" = fail.

Fingers crossed I can set up an email interview with Mr. Galligan to answer some of our most wondered Waxwork themed questions. In fact I have a few other crew members lined up for interviews so God willing I'll get some more insight on the making of these two very fun films. 

I guess the owner of the Waxwork fan site saw years ago a teaser poster for part III on some French site but it was taken down before he could copy and save the image. I have a feeling there was never an official poster made for a movie that wasn't even developed yet, and what this guy saw was either a fan made poster, or a European poster for either part one or two since he claims Zach was featured on it. In fact, I would bet anything maybe he saw maybe the Japan artwork for part II, which is gorgeous!

I also heard from a crew member who I'm hoping I can get an interview from soon, that while working on part II everyone was joking about a third film and there were even some pick up shots for the ending that would be translated into the next film. Humm....

Believe it or not I would have loved to see a third film and see what kind of direction Hickcox could have taken it after the fun adventure ride with part II. If I ever do get the chance to ask Zach, I would love to hear his thoughts on had he heard anything about a third film being made, and even better...would he have returned to play Mark Loftmore one last time.

If I had a billion dollars, after paying off my student loans, instead of buying an island I would seriously buy the rights to Waxwork. First off to have it get the proper blu-ray release it deserves, and second to either have a direct to DVD sequel made by Anthony Hickcox, or some made for Sci-Fi channel sequel via Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. Have it be a linked sequel that takes place 25/30 years later and of course feature Mark and Sarah. If this film ever gets remade, I'm seriously going to bite my pillow. #realtalk. 

Hey a fan girl can dream right?

It would be awesome to see Hickcox pick up these movies after all these years. 

So yeah, Waxwork III...really makes you wonder.



  2. i really wish waxwork 3 heppnd !!

  3. I had the fortunate opportunity to chat with A. Hickox at a convention several years back, he wasn't a guest, he was just checking it out too. I asked him if Waxworks 3 had been a possibility and he said that after finishing Lost in Time, he'd intended to have a what he called "epic" ending to the series which included not only bringing back Debra Foreman as Sarah, but, using Solomon's Locket to save Chyna, Tony, Gemma and James as well from the first film. Sadly, the direct to video market and the shift in direction from that type of horror at that time sort of closed the folder in it and he related to me that he would rather have the two films stand as works of art and a "good contribution" to the genre, rather than not be able to finance and give a final epic film the send off it deserved. He also mentioned that he himself wanted to expand beyond into other projects, which I can understand. He was a terribly nice guy and took a good amount of time hanging out talking to me, he impressed me as many directors can be assholes. I too wish we'd have seen that epic third finally, but, maybe it may never have been as good as what our minds might have hoped for.