Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trailer of the week!

 Trailer of the week!

This week's trailer comes in the form of the highly underrated thriller of Jack's Back. Starring the ever so handsome and bad ass James Spader, this movie takes a dark look into a string of murders mirroring the killings that took place one hundred years ago by Jack The Ripper. After his twin brother is mysteriously killed, a young man falls into a dangerous web as the murders continue by a killer who will do anything they can to reach their goal.

I've been most of Jack's Back a couple of years ago on line but was lucky enough to pick it up from my boys at VHSPS. Great movie with a killer soundtrack and a wonderful very original story!

Did you know? - I was born 100 years to the day that Jack The Ripper killed his first victim (weird.)

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