Monday, June 10, 2013

Instagram - New wave of horror photos.

Instagram - New wave of horror photos.
(Instagram in a nutshell.) 

I've been sadly bitten by the Instagram bug. I'm sure many people know, I'm sorta the last person to jump on board with any new fads or software. Come on people...I still have a flip phone, I referred to Twitter the other day as "The Twitter", and I still have cassettes. Honey, it's still 1995 in Stacy's world. 

Anywho, as a gift to myself this past spring, I decided to buy myself an Ipad with some of my tax return money. Now besides my old as hell Ipod, I really don't buy Apple products, but as time grew on the Ipad seemed cooler and cooler and I'll be the first to admit, I liked the fact it was a camera/video camera all rolled into one. So long story short I ended up buying the newest version of the Ipad and jumped on the Instagram train since Facebook seems to very slowly be turning into the new Myspace. Deciding this would be a cute way to connect with friends, it dawned on me really the only time I use facebook is to just post photos. And what is Instagram? 

It's all fucking photos!

Anywho, for those who follow me StacyRaimi88 (clever) I've mostly been posting photos dealing with my love for horror and movies alike. Call me a dork, but I've gotten sorta artsy with a few of them (aka just using different filters.) Rag on it as much as you want people, but I think it's a pretty cool site. Hashtags and all. I also think the whole theme thing is pretty funny. so stay tuned as I show more photos of my favorite movies, my personal collections, VHS hauls, and much much more.

Here are a few random photos from my profile that are my favorites so far...


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