Friday, May 31, 2013

Zach Galligan's personal Waxwork II crew shirt!

 Zach Galligan's personal Waxwork II crew shirt!

Last night I drove out to attend Adam Green's One Fund silent auction/Hatchet party for the Boston Marathon bombings. I gotta give Adam props, this was a very cool and unique way of raising money for such a good cause. This week he's appeared in several areas of MA to sign autographs, promote Hatchet III, and raise money for the horrible tragedy that devastated our beloved city.  

I was right away interested when I heard about this event and had a good laugh to myself since actor Zach Galligan was attending the event. As many of you know I flew ALL the way to Orlando to meet Zach this past weekend and of fucking course a week before my trip I found out he was going to this thing which is about forty or so minutes away from my house. FML...still, I did get to see him twice in one week!

I was VERY excited for this event due to the silent auction, several celebrities were donating objects to raise money for the Boston fund. Eli Roth donated his bat from Inglorious Bastards, Chris Columbus donated an original Goonies screenplay, and the object I was most excited about was Zach's personal Waxwork II crew shirt that he received after working on the 1992 sequel.

I think It's pretty clear how I love the two Waxwork movies. The fact this thing was up for gabs had me panic right away. I collected a very embarrassing amount of money ready to bid whatever it would come to just to get my hands on it. I really can't explain my love for Waxwork, or the sequel. In fact dare I say it I even enjoy the sequel more than the original! I died when I saw this shirt, and what was even cooler was the fact it was Zach's own shirt that has been in his dresser for the last twenty-two years. Being most likely the biggest Waxwork II fan, I knew I had to have it.

So last night I drove up there and seriously sat upstairs where the silent auction was being held. or three, count em three straight hours I didn't move from where I was. The staff had a good laugh since I was watching it like a hawk and giving anyone who walked near it death stare. 

Finally ten o'clock came and the auction closed and I won this baby for only 100$. The staff was thrilled I got it and I seriously couldn't stop smiling. The happiness I felt I really can't explain. Kristy Jett has Popcorn, John from Freddy In Space has Ice Cream Man...I have Waxwork II.

Strolling downstairs after the auction after several cast members auctioned off scripts, sneakers, DVDs, ect, I found Zach at the bar and of course he remembered me and couldn't believe I ended up winning it. The two of us hung out at the bar for a while shooting the shit and he talked about the night's event, Waxwork II, and tomorrow night. Zach I can't say enough is by far the coolest guy around. He's a dude you can have a drink with, talk movies, and feel your inner childhood screaming. He is a complete sweetheart and told me he wanted to sign the shirt tomorrow aka tonight at the Hatchet marathon.

My poor friends Jeanette and Casey came just for the very end of the party due to the bad weather in NY and I brought them over to Zach and we talked for a bit and he promised we would all hang out tonight = nerd scream.

(a little dark but we look adorable)

Last night I honestly was in a daze after winning this item. Words can't express how thrilled I was. I can't thank Zach enough for donating this shirt and attending this. Amazing event by Adam Green. What happened last month was awful, but it shows sometimes in the oddest of places people can come together and show truly what great people they are.

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