Friday, May 31, 2013

Boston strong Hatchet marathon

 Boston strong Hatchet marathon

Words can't truly express how much I am loving life right now. This past week has been SO amazing and surreal I don't even feel like I'm awake. First, earlier this week I flew out to Orlando to attend Spooky Empire to meet childhood hero and favorite actor Zach Galligan after MANY years of waiting. The convention/trip was a complete blast and Zach was awesome. He said I held the record for having the most things signed, and we took some pretty classy photos together. For anyone who follows me on Instagram they know what a complete psycho I have looked like since the last fifteen or so photos I've posted are all Galligan themed. Hey...I'm a big fan, can't help it!

Wednesday, I drove out to attend the Boston strong silent auction held by Adam Green to raise money from the tragic bombing that hit the city last month. Several members from the Hatchet trilogy attended, and auctioned off some pretty amazing stuff (Original Gremlins script, guitar signed by Rob Zombie, Eli Roth's Jew Bear bat, ect.)I like a complete psycho and super fan, sat for three straight hours watching the item Zach donated to the show, which was of course his very OWN personal Waxwork II crew shirt that he's had for the last twenty-two years. Well, I bid and WON! Afterwards I was able to hang out and shoot the shit with Zach at the bar who was a complete sweet heart and have two good friends of mine who drove through a pretty nasty storm from New York, just to come in for a few minutes before the event ended. Zach of course made it worth while being his awesome amazing self. The amount of swooning that was happening was insane. 

Last night Jeanette, Casey, and myself drove into the city of Boston to attend the Hatchet marathon which yet again was being held by Adam Green to raise money fro the Boston Strong fund. Of course I was still in a daze over winning the shirt, so I pretty much floated on a cloud to get there (no not really, we were in Boston traffic and I almost puked.) This event was very cool since it was a private showing to whoever bought tickets to this special screening in a very awesome looking theater. The place looked like a 1960's night club/sci-fi movie and I loved it

They showed original uncut prints of Hatchet I and II and then a early first time premier of Hatchet III. This was the very FIRST time it was ever being screened and this was also the first time the cast was able to finally see the finished cut.


Hatchet III will be released June 14th I believe, and I really can't wait to see it again. I fondly remember first seeing the original film over a friend's house back in 2007 when I heard how awesome the effects were and how many horror icons were appearing in it. Then in 2010, me and a very dear friend from school rented the sequel and it's ending effect blew us away. 

I have been following the making of Hatchet III very closely since Mr. Zach Galligan was set to star in it as the town sheriff. I closely followed whatever photos, clips, or articles that were being released and honestly this was the most excited I have been for a horror movie in years. In fact when the first photos were released on Halloween night from the set I screamed.

Last night was amazing, there's honestly no better place to watch an awesome splatter movie than with an audience fill of fans. I have never laughed and screamed so loud before in my life. The even cooler thing was the fact the cast was seriously sitting five feet away from me watching the movies. In-between each film Adam and the cast members would stand up on stage and share some stories about the making of.

Before part III screened Adam explained that this was seriously the first time EVER this movie was being seen before it was released world wide in two weeks. He told us to PLEASE not spoil it since there were lots of surprises in this last epic installment. Gotta say, I feel pretty darn special seeing it now! Respecting Mr. Green my lips are sealed until the movie is released and I can do a proper review. All I have to say is...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The words epic don't even cover it. This film has now found itself in my two twenty movies of all time and that's a hard list to make. I can't even express how blessed I am to experience this event with the cast. Just the fact we were all seeing it for the first time together made my inner horror heart swell.

Of course everyone stood up and clapped being blown away as Adam had tears in his eyes like a proud papa. 

Words can't express how amazing this movie is. I strongly recommend anyone to go see it when it comes out. The amount of hard work that went into this movie was insane and the only thing I will say is...Zach stole the fucking show. 

I have never had so much fun watching a movie before.

Afterwards the owner of the place made everyone go outside where the stars could meet and sign stuff for the fans. I of course only cared about Zach and showed up with my shirt that he promised to sign. We talked about the movie and how amazing it was, I of course gushed over him and we had a few good laughs (sigh...I can't...)

He signed my shirt and I seriously wanted to cry. We took another cute adorable soul mates photo together and he told me he would never forget my Ipad and what a truly amazing fan I was. I wished him safe travels and after the girls not their posters signed we went on our way. I of course was that asshole screaming WOOOOO HATCHET III! As we drove off into the night.

Now after having four hours of sleep and teaching all day I'm about to drop, but I seriously can't even begin to tell everyone how amazing that fucking movie was and what a great week I've had. Thank you Adam Green, thank you Boston...and thank you Zach Galligan. Between the Florida trip, winning the shirt, and seeing this movie...Stacy is proud to be from Boston and proud to be a Hatchet fan.

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