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25 years later...and still shooting the glass. My love for Die Hard

  25 years later...and still shooting the glass. My love for Die Hard.

1988, ah what an epic year. For horror nuts most of you know some really truly amazing movies and sequels were released this year just as the decade was coming to a close. The 1990's were just upon us along with some very drastic changes. 1988 is not only a special year since it marked the year of my also marked one of the greatest action movies ever to be released.

Yep, I said it. Die Hard.

Die Hard has sorta became it's own phenomena over the years. It's a complete staple for cult classic movie buffs, and is a must to always reference and quote. In fact who doesn't say “Yippie -ki- yay- motherfucker.” at least once or twice a year...usually when one is drunk or watching a Bruce Willis movie.

Die Hard has all the right ingredients for an awesome balls to the wall action movie. We got a kick ass setting (Nakatoki plazza), amazing action, handsome and cunning villains, and a hero with great one-liners who seems human and a guy you wouldn't mind having a couple of beers with. has the cop from Family Matters. Need I say more?

Instead of a review for this classic movie, I decided with the currant craziness that's happening in my beveled Boston area, I decided to express my passion for the first Die Hard movie. Even though I'm a huge fan of the first third movies, I feel with the original and myself on the verge of turning 25, I find it fitting and nostalgic. I mean watching this movie, along with such films as Red Dawn was a must in my house growing up. It's a classic I've loved as a child, and still love today. In fact whenever I get a few drinks in me, my sister and I always try to do our best Hans Gruber voice and quote the movie until we're pissing our pants laughing. In fact last night the two of us and her husband got shit faced and watched part one and three "The Gruber brother films". And couldn't stop laughing quoting it. Trust me, the hangover I feel this morning was well worth it. 

Now I enjoyed part II, even though I haven't seen it in years, but after re-watching the first movie along with the third (same director. Love the opening with Summer In The City playing.) I have a very high respect for what I like to call the “Gruber brother” films out of the series. Now I was there opening day when Live Free And Die Hard came out and highly enjoyed it as over the top as it was. But then again it's a Die Hard movie...over the top is a dead given. Sadly I missed A Good Day To Die Hard, and I've heard mixed things. I'm planning on seeing it as soon as it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray and I can only hope as a hardcore Die Hard fans as myself can enjoy it. 

Now the main reason why Die Hard holds a special place in my heart is because of a very amusing story my mother told me growing up. I guess right before she had me, Die Hard was released early on video. These were the good old days of VHS and I guess she got on this kick where she watched Die Hard almost every night in the last few months of her pregnancy with me. I laugh every time I think of this since I remember her telling me when she was pregnant with my sister she used to read out loud...with me she watched one of the most awesome action movies ever made. I feel pretty blessed...and even cooler than I all ready am since I feel even before I was even born Die Hard was shaping the sort of person I was and am today.

Die Hard is a great movie with so many memorable moments and lines it's countless. As much respect as I have for the other films, nothing beats a classic. I think the main reason why I love the third film is because it connects with the original so well. I mean who doesn't get chills when John has the flashback of the faithful Christmas eve back in LA?

Die Hard is a great movie to watch with a crowd of friends, and even better when you're drinking. If you ever play my Die Hard drinking game with me you won't feel you're face. (Drink every time a gun shot goes off or when somebody says fuck.)

So twenty-five years later Die Hard still and forever be one of my all time favorite movies with one of the best leading heroes, villains, and endings of all time. This is a must to watch whenever it's Christmas and whenever somebody asks me what my favorite holiday movie is, my answer is simple.

I wish the 5th movie had done better since I feel there's much more to theses movies that can still be told. Still, Bruce is kicking ass as usual and making you root for him. So why don't you eat a twinkie, break some glass, and fire a machine gun. It's time to go steal some bonds and watch a great movie that hasn't aged in nearly twenty-five years.

5 Stars!

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