Monday, April 22, 2013

Spooky Empire - The countdown begins.

Spooky Empire - The countdown begins.
Today I ordered my tickets for Spooky Empire which is being held down in Florida next month. I first heard about this show earlier this year and ended up buying my plane ticket after I heard that Mr. Zach Galligan would be attending as a guest. I think for anyone who reads this blog knows what a HUGE Waxwork fan I am. I have grown up watching Zach's movies and Waxwork and Waxwork II go down as two of my all time favorite movies. In the past I have had the chance to meet Zach several times but for some unknown reason never got to. Waiting patiently, I finally saw he was going to be a guest down in Florida for Spooky Empire and I was completely sold. Staying with a good friend of mine who lives down in Florida, I was beyond excited to be able to meet Zach since he's pretty much the number one person I've ever wanted to meet besides Sam Raimi (fingers crossed that dream can someday happen!) With over 200$ worth of things for Zach to sign, I honestly have to geek out and express why excited I am to finally get the chance to meet him. I just hope I don't freak the poor guy out with all the Waxwork shit I have planned for him to sign.

Today I ordered my show tickets over the phone and dealt with a very pleasant woman who cracked up over the fact I wasn't flying all this way to meet Norman Reedus. The two of us chatted a bit and now my tickets will be coming in the mail this week.

With less than a month away, I'm sure I'll be posting and geeking out about this up coming trip. I just hope I don't end up puking all over my Waxwork laserdisc in front of Zach out of nervousness.

But then again...who knows.

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