Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mail call! Thanks Kristy Jett!

 Mail call! Thanks Kristy Jett!

With just an hour before I head out to go see Lords Of Salem, I decided to check and see if I had any mail. Of course like clockwork there was a wonderful student loan bill waiting for me, but something else that made me smile from ear to ear. 3 very large packages from my good friend and sister Kristy Jett from Fright Rags!

I met Kristy back in 2011 when she came to Boston to do a special screening of the beloved 90's classic Popcorn. From that moment onward it was friendship history. Kristy is by far one of the nicest and kindest people in the horror community. Working at the best horror T-shirt company that's out there along with writing for several blogs, HorrorHound Magazine, and in the process of helping get Popcorn on DVD and a sequel to Behind The Mask made...Kristy is one busy lady! I have the honor of saying that the two of us have become very close friends and share the same passion for Mr. Sam Raimi. 

In fact while the Fright Rags crew were relocating to brand new offices, Kristy went through her self-storage to see if there was anything she didn't need any more and that I might end up wanting. Today she send me 3 packages full of T-shirts she's owned, hoodies, comics, VHS tapes, and a very awesome original ticket stub from Best In Show. My heart continues to flutter...

Along with this awesome package came the best thing I have honestly ever gotten in the mail.

 Failed attempt of me trying to take a photo of me wearing it. Glad everyone knows what kind of soap I use now!

Fright Rags, being amazing as they always are, plan on releasing this AWESOME Raimi brothers T-shirt based off the 3 living Raimi male siblings (Sam, Ted, and Ivan.) As many of you may know I'm a HUGE Sam Raimi fan and seeing this made me squeal like the nerd I am.

In fact Kristy is so cool she made 3 hoodies for herself, our friend Heather (a fellow Raimi lover), and myself. Knowing that there's only 3 of these babies out there makes me feel super special. This is by far my most favorite hoodie I've ever gotten and it means the world to me. Today I'm going to the movies proudly showing my true love for the Raimis.

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