Friday, March 29, 2013

I've got a new obsession...

 Obsession is a common thing between Stacy and I. If you haven't notice from Stacy's previous post, she's kinda been on a Sam Raimi kick. Well last weekend at Horrorhound I stumbled onto my new obsession.
Stacy has always told me movies to check out, specifcally her favourites. So I finally watched Christine. As I was watching, I was impressed with Buddy's amazing sideburns and then my mom came in and said "He's got a nice butt". And he did, plus the tight jeans of the time really showed off the assets.

I knew Stacy was super excited to meet the bullies from Christine and the see the amazing setup they had for the car. I of course wanted to see how William Ostrander and the fellow bullies aged, and oh my Mr. Ostrander still looks amazing! Slowly the obsession begins.

On Sunday I went up to met Stacy to meet everyone and to meet them myself. They guys were all amazing and incredibly nice. I decided to tell Mr. Ostrander on my mom's comment on his backside, in which I told him that it still was a great looking asset. In which he signed my picture as follows "To Melissa, This picture should have been shot from behind!"

I believe this is what did it, best signature ever, well next to Gallo there. But now I am starting to try and watch whatever he has been in. North & South is on it's way from Netflix and the hunt for others begin. I even changed my desktop at work to his image. It also freaked out my fellow co worker who said "I dont know if I should be scared of the knife or his crotch."

Where this obsession goes, no one knows, but I'm happy I get to share another obsession with Miss Still.

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