Saturday, March 30, 2013

Greatest made for TV horror movies

 Greatest made for TV horror movies
I'm sure I speak for many people my age that made for TV movies really was a huge part of their upbringing when it came to their love of horror. Television had a golden period when it came to some really truly awesome movies. Still, every once in a while we're treated to some real hidden gems made for specific channels, or believe it or not on Lifetime (trust me, there's some really awesome stalker movies that air on that channel every once in a while.) On such channels as CBS and ABC, certian really awesome movies would air mostly around Halloween. Thanks to bootlegs, and new releases, some of these old childhood favorites are finally getting the time in the sun they deserve. Here is my personal favorite top made for TV horror movies of all time. 

Bad Ronald

Bates Motel

Body Bags

Dark Night Of The Scarecrow

Dead Of Night

Midnight Offerings

The Babysitter 

Psycho IV: The Beginning

The Midnight Hour 

Nick Knight  

The Night Stalker

Trilogy Of Terror

Trilogy Of Terror 2

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