Monday, April 1, 2013

Poster of the week

 Poster of the week

This week's poster is in honor of today's holiday...April Fool's Day. 

I've never really pulled off any insane pranks on this date. I always get a family member if I'm thinking about it, but that's about it. This year I called my father up telling him I dented his sport's car today. Safe to say I didn't let the joke run too long due to the silence on the other end and I ended up cracking up. I think next year I'll tell him I'm pregnant...

Anywho, I just finished posting about this iconic cover on my personal Facebook page. This goes down in the top ten most memorable VHS covers I clearly remember from my childhood. In fact this might even go down as #1. I think I speak for many people my own age, remembering rushing straight to the horror section at the video store and gazing at this gorgeous cover. Who didn't love the visual of the girl in the slimming pink dress holding the knife behind her back and her hair done up like a noose? In fact if I ever grew my hair out, I think I would just HAVE to rock this hair do every day, ignoring the weird glances I would most likely get.

April Fool's Day I think is a very clever slasher that was released when the slasher boom was going hot and heavy. Some say this movie is a cop-out, in fact some even say it's the death of the slasher era. I have to disagree. 

I find this a funny, clever movie with a likeable cast, a great storyline, wonderful setting, and an even better ending. Talk about a twist! I loved it!

So as I sit here wearing my fright rags April Fool's Day shirt, I say cheers to a great movie and an even better cover!

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