Thursday, March 28, 2013

Evil Dead II shutter realness

 Evil Dead II shutter realness
This past weekend at HorrorHound my good friend Kristy Jett from Fright Rags showed me something beyond awesome when I swung by her table on Saturday afternoon. Mr. Michael Felsher, the man behind making some awesome visuals for the Evil Dead II blu-ray and soon to be Crimewave blu-ray had a piece of Raimi memorabilia any hardcore Evil Dead fan would drool over.

He had one of the original shutters used in the cabin from Evil Dead II. 

This baby is one of eight as seen in the film and had a pretty sweet carving done on it. Kristy being the awesome friend she is asked me if I wanted to buy it. Now I'm a HUGE Raimi fan, in fact over the weekend I got started on my Sam Raimi tribute tattoo, which I hope to end up getting his character Randy from Intruder finally done on me. This past weekend I started with simply getting Sam's autograph which sorta looks more like squiggles than anything else but I completely love it! 

Due to low funds, and the fact that unless I knew for a fact that Raimi licked it or something, I decided to pass on the offer.

Later that afternoon I got a big laugh from Kristy when she showed me that she had indeed ended up buying it. Of course I had to snap a photo with it and I really gotta hand it to Kristy, she sure is a hardcore Evil Dead fan. So in honor of the remake being released soon, here is a photo of me holding one of the original shutters from the greatest horror sequel of all time!

Long live Raimi!

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