Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 new killer designs from Fright Rags!

 3 new killer designs from Fright Rags!
Tomorrow afternoon I'll be making my journey to NY to join my friends in the ten hour ride to HorrorHound in Ohio. Sadly this New England weather is really busting my balls and it's still snowing. Driving a sports car on black ice is by far one of the most terrifying things you can do, so I'm not exactly the happiest of people.

Still, I'm doing everything I can to make it out there to staff one of the greatest shows of all time! One big thing I'm excited about is to see my good friends from Fright Rags. I'm crazy excited since they have 3 new killer designs I'm making a mission to own.

The first is the gorgeous April Fools Day shirt. Just in time for the annual holiday, this shirt is seriously one of my new favorites. This is old school 1980's artwork at it's greatest.

The second is the brand new Christine shirt just in time for the 30th anniversary and the mini cast reunion this weekend. I'm a massive fan of this movie, and I rock the original shirt Fright Rags released at least once a week. Very excited to add this baby to my wardrobe. 

The third and final in my eyes is the Freddy Vs. Jason shirt. Can you really believe it's been ten years since it was released?! In fact it's been twenty since we saw Freddy's claw yank down Jason's mask at the end of Jason Goes To Hell. (Wow talk about feeling old!) Anyways, Fright Rags made this stunning shirt featuring our all time favorite slasher villains. My good friend Jeanette picked me up this shirt at Monster Mania weekend. Can't wait to wear it!

So before I leave tomorrow I'll be posting a final goodbye before I set off on the very long drive. Everyone please send good energy and prayers my way for a safe journey. This winter sucks!

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