Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nerd alert!!! - Zach Galligan on Twitter

 Nerd alert!!! - Zach Galligan on Twitter

I never really get that star struck. Well...I did cry and snot all over Dee Wallace Stone when I first met her...but that's a story for another day. I'm a huge fan of several movies, in fact I would like to say it a border line obsession of mine. One being the Waxwork movies. In fact, this up coming May I'm flying to Florida to see a few friends of mine and to meet Zach Galligan, better known as the kid who owned Gizmo in the Gremlin movies. For me, he will forever be Mark Loftmore in the Waxwork films. I'm traveling all the way to meet Zach and have him sign massive amounts of Waxwork stuff. 

Crazy? Maybe a little.

Anywho, not to nerd out like a little fan girl, but today the teaser trailer for Hatchet III was finally released which features Mr. Galligan. Believe it or not I really enjoyed the first two movies and I'm looking forward to this "supposed" last chapter in the series. What makes it even better is the fact Zach Galligan along with several other classic horror actors/actresses will be appearing in this last installment. 

Tonight like a big nerd, I posted on Zach's personal Twitter account on how excited I was to see him in this upcoming release and bless my stars, he replied! I usually never nerd out this bad over an actor responding back to me, but my inner Waxwork fan inside of me screamed. In fact I rarely use Twitter, in fact I just kinda use it to post bullshit and follow actors and directors. From what I've heard from other people Zach is a great guy and this makes me even more excited to meet him this spring!

Here is a photo of my nerdness being captured. 
Mine is the second one down, my name is RollingRaimis88 (get it?)

Yeah just needed to share this little fan girl moment.

Now all we need is it to stop snowing and this will be the best night ever!

"nerd snort!"

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