Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oddest Valentine's Day Items

 Oddest Valentine's Day Items
Ah is in the air, along with pick-axe wielding miners. Here is my brief list of some very awesome horror themed Valentine's Day items I own.

My Bloody Valentine/Cupid on VHS 
I'm been collecting VHS tapes for years now. Two favorites of mine are the original My Bloody Valentine, and Zach Galligan's 90's slasher Cupid. Both movies are set on Valentine's Day and of course show the best way to celebrate the murder and kill! The original My Bloody Valentine is a VHS I've been searching for years. Lucky enough for me my good friend Melissa send me her copy from Chicago. Cupid is a tape I ordered earlier this summer. It's the promotional copy from the video store and is one hell of a great movie. (Most of all if your a big Zach Galligan fan) these are two staples along with the My Bloody Valentine remake that are a must to watch around this time of year!

Candy hearts from the My Bloody Valentine town
Back when I was going to school in Pennsylvania, I learned that one of my head instructors worked on the My Bloody Valentine remake. Now there are very few remakes I actually like, this one was one of them. In the winter of 2011, my friend and I put of pure boredom decided to make the short journey to where they filmed the remake. This was in a small little town called Kittanning. I honestly fell in love with the town, and we went around to all the known filming locations like a couple of nerds. The first stop was at the market where the character Sarah works and later is chased by the killer. Once inside we looked around and I found it fitting to buy a package of candy hearts. These babies have still been yet to be opened. In fact...I think after being a few years old now their past the point of eating. I thought this would be a very weird and clever thing to have Jensen Ackles sign if I ever meet him again. 

My Bloody Valentine location sign
Another piece I gathered from my day trip to Kittanning PA was while we were searching for the outside location of the mines they used. Sadly a good portion of the area was closed off due to the season and the fact it was private property. My friend and I walked on foot for as long as we could in nearly a foot of snow. I nearly lost it when she fell face forward in the snow. On our way back I happened to see an old broken down sign displaying the days the mine tours were open. Now I'm not saying I stole the sign...but maybe just maybe it happened to break off and end up in my friend's trunk...I don't know...maybe...

My Bloody Valentine poster/screen print
My friend Melissa who I mentioned as being just as big of a My Bloody Valentine fan as me, is also a very talented artist. Back at school she gave me a beyond awesome gift. Here is a full screen print poster she made based off the original 1981 slasher. It hangs framed in my office and I love it beyond words!

Miner mini screen print
Melissa also gave me a mini screen print of my favorite killer of all time. The coal miner himself! These are stunning prints and if anyone is ever interested message me so you can talk with Melissa. Her work is insane!  

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