Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another piece for the collection. Dangerously Close the soundtrack!

 Another piece for the collection. Dangerously Close the soundtrack!
You gotta love ebay. It's a great site where you can honestly find some real hidden gems. I think it's fitting that a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a vinyl record of the original soundtrack to Dangerously Close. This baby was only eight bucks so even though I don't have a record player yet, I decided it was a good addition to my modest record collection I'm slowly starting to gather. Just this week I had the honor of interviewing the film's director, so I was very thrilled to see this baby arrive in the mail today.

For those who know how awesome of a movie this is, they also know how great the soundtrack is. Such artist as The Smithereens, T.S.O.L, Fine Young Cannibals, Depeche Mode, and Robert Palmer are featured on this album and totally worth checking out if your a fan of some really awesome 80's music. I'm still keeping my eyes open for the Radioactive Dreams record, but prices of that little baby are a tad high. My next album I'm on the hunt for is the Friday the 13th the series soundtrack. I have it on CD but sadly this past fall at HorrorHound I spotted a copy of it and decided to make the VERY stupid mistake in waiting to buy it. Of course the next day some jerk had gotten it. To think...there are other as obsessed fans of that show than me. Scary...very scary.

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