Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday The 13th - Mezco - Cinema Of Fear - Series 2 - Friday The 13th Part VI - Jason Lives

 Friday The 13th - Mezco - Cinema Of Fear - Series 2 - Friday The 13th Part VI - Jason Lives
My second in my line of posts dealing with horror themed action figures comes in the form of Mr. Tommy Jarvis and Jason Voorhees in their ultimate showdown of all time at the bottom of Forest Green Lake...or should I say Crystal Lake. 

This action figure was released as the Cinema Of Fear line in series 2 which features some pretty awesome figures based off such movies as A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th part VI, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I was lucky and smart enough to snag a few of these bad Larrys back when they were being released. 

At the moment the Cinema Of Fear series is one of my top favorite action figure lines. Simply due to the fact that they released some pretty bad ass packages based off some awesome cult horror movies, and paid crazy attention to detail. In fact when I met Robert Englund back at Monster Mania again last spring, he seemed pretty susprised with the figure I had of him from the original Nightmare. He said he hadn't seen that kind of packaging before on that certian figure.

I'm more of a fan of the first Friday films than the latter ones (besides Jason Goes To Hell, which we all know is my biggest guilty pleasure movie of all time!) Still, there's a certian magic part six held. Maybe because it's the last time we follow poor Tommy Jarvis as he continues his quest in trying to get over the tragic events from part four. Another being the fact we now meet zombie Jason, and that director Tom McLoughlin sorta began the whole black comedy of the series. This is a great movie and the fact they made a beyond awesome action figure based off it blows me away!

Sadly like a complete idiot, I opened my Jason figure of himself alone from part 6. I still have the figure of course and I really don't know why I opened it. I'm sure it was to set up some window display around Halloween...but still, totally lame I did that. "Sigh..."  Yep, I'm that nerd that keeps my action figures still in their packages so they can collect dust and one day all fall and crush me when I'm a crazy old lady.

This little baby though I kept in perfect condition and I'm waiting to be able to meet Thom Mathews and C.J Graham again to have them sign it. This figure is one of my favorites. In fact it makes the Nancy in the bathtub one look not nearly as cool. I think the reason why I'm so in love with this figure is simply because the close attention to detail. I love whenever artist try to truly capture a scene straight from the movie.

I love that Jason and Tommy look frozen almost, both trapped underneath the surface of the lake, plunging deep to the bottom, strangling and holding onto each other. I love the little air bubbles escaping from Tommy's mouth along with the hanging chains from Jason. The artist also did an awesome job doing the bottom of the lake, showing the dis-guarded trash and of course the famous Camp Blood sign. It's details like this that truly make fans fall in love with figures like this. 

As always prices for these babies are going up quick on ebay and you can snag one for around 100 bucks or so. This has become a highly collective item that any Jason fan shouldn't go without!

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