Saturday, January 19, 2013


The amazing guys at VHSPS have graced me with yet another awesome package in the mail. This time around I ordered two movies. One I have seen before and own on VHS, one that I haven't seen since I was just a kid.

Offerings, and The Unnamable.

Offerings is a low budget slasher made in 1989 which is a clever little rip off to the ever so famous Halloween. It's about a young mute who gets badly injured after playing with a small group of kids. Losing his mind, he murders his abusive mother before being committed to a state mental hospital. Years later when all the kids are teenagers, the guy breaks out and is looking for revenge. One by one he begins to pick off the kids who hurt him years ago before setting his sights on the one girl who was kind to him growing up. Trying to show signs of affection, he begins leaving body pieces on her front door to show how he feels. (How sweet!) This movie isn't the best, but a pretty good slasher overall. The ending "Love" line is cringe worthy but trust me, you'll never look at sausage pizza the same way again!

I haven't seen The Unnamable in years, but after looking this gem up and it's sequel I decided to give it a shot and check it out. One of it's best murder scenes are featured on Terror On Tape. I'll be posting a review later this weekend/week to share my thoughts on it and see if buying the sequel will be worth it.

Once again I have to share my love for VHSPS. These guys really know their stuff and have been a great help with adding to my very odd movie collection.

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