Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tarantino's Greatest Moments

  Tarantino's Greatest Moments
Mr. Trantino is one of the greatest directors to come out of the woodwork in the last twenty years. Due to his passionate love of film growing up, he's brought us some pretty memorable and amazing movies that honor the moments that have inspired him years before. Thanks to him going to the movies is always a great adventure. He's written some amazing balls to the walls movies (From Dusk Till Dawn, True Romance, and Natural Born Killers.) He's created some amazing characters, awesome soundtracks, and story lines that leave us breathless. Here is my personal list of some of my favorite moments from movies he's directed.

Stuck In The Middle With You – Reservoir Dogs

“Bring down in a stabbing motion.” - Pulp Fiction

“I think I just shot Marvin in the face...” - Pulp Fiction

Melanie getting shot – Jackie Brown 

“O-Ren, I have unfinished business with you.” - Kill Bill Vol. 1

Twin Pines Massacres  - Kill Bill Vol. 2

Jungle Julia looses a leg – Death Proof

Ship's Mast car game – Death Proof

Basement tavern massacre – Inglourious Basterds

Candy land shoot out – Django Unchained 

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