Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another piece of the collection! Christine on laserdisc!

 Another piece for the collection! Christine on laserdisc!
Certain movies I just can't help but adore and have a very unhealthy obsession over. Waxwork I and II, Intruder, Radioactive Dreams, The Monster Squad, Phantasm, Gremlins, and yes...Christine

I think it's pretty safe to say I like this movie a lot and I'm more than a little excited about the up coming HorrorHound show this March I'll be staffing which features a Christine reunion including Mr. John Carpenter himself! 

I have been collecting Christine swag for some time now. I would like to say my collection has very slowly begun to build. Today a very special package came in the mail. Back when I first heard of there being a Christine reunion I went on Ebay and found myself a pretty snazzy copy of Christine on laserdisc (which I have just learned isn't spelled Laserdisk...go figure.) Anywho I've posted in the past about my thoughts on collection laserdiscs. Now I myself never had a laserdisc player, but I do remember the brief time they were around. Being a huge VHS collector, I had always been interested in how these movies were released (almost as if they were giant records) I have a very small collection of laserdisc movies. Intruder, Fright Night, Gremlins II...and now Christine. (Don't worry kids, I'm on the hunt of a Waxwork one.) 

I have never watched a laserdisc before, but I think their a really cool thing to get signed at shows. I plan on bringing this little baby with me to get signed so I can frame it and drool over it like the sick fuck I am.

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